How to find a person and add him to your Skype contacts

How many opportunities we have in the XXI century. A very useful thing in life has become a program called Skype. It allows you to video chat with another person. Absolutely no matter where you are. And the main advantage is that all this can be done for free. However, before you make a conversation, you need to add your friends to your contacts.

To start chatting in Skype, you need to find and add a contact.

Find and add friends to contacts

We find in the top panel section "Contacts". Direct the cursor to the item "Add" and select "Search in the Skype Directory". Begin to enter the name and surname of the desired user. However, most often there is a large number of people with such data. If any of them have detailed information on Skype, like a city and country, the operation will be much easier. Ask the user to give his username if he has one. Usually there are no people with the same login, so you will immediately find the person you need.

A particularly effective way to search is to search by email. Entering the address of a friend in the Skype line, you will immediately see the person you are looking for.

After you find a person, click "Add to ...". In the window with the invitation message, you can specify your own. So the user will understand more specifically who invites him. After clicking "Send". As soon as a person logs into the network, he will see your invitation. When accepting the application you will see when a friend is online. And most importantly, you can chat with him and make video calls.

You can invite people in another way. Just click on the search bar, enter the login there and click on the plus.

However, there is another method that is available to people who have recently registered on social networks. Go to the contacts menu and select "Import Contacts". Then a pop-up window will open, after which you can access one of the resources. There you can choose friends who can be invited to Skype. You just need to enter a username and password, and the program itself imports contacts. With this you will not have any problems. Everything is very thought out and is very popular among subscribers and users of Skype.

If you want to call a mobile or home phone, it is better to use the manual method. However, to implement this function, you must deposit real cash into your account. You can refill your account by clicking the Skype button in the top pane - “Deposit money to your account”. After opening the browser, you choose the amount of deposit, and then enter all the necessary information.

After reading the article, we realized that to invite a person you need to know enough information about him. Understand the methods of adding friends. And you can also add contacts from the social network. This is all done automatically.

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