ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error: what it means and how to fix it

Users are daily faced with Internet connectivity problems, data exchange on the network, which may be related to hardware malfunctions, as well as incorrect settings and other software reasons.

One of the most common problems is the message with the text ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE, error code 324. Failure occurs when trying to visit websites and can manifest for various reasons, therefore, its elimination is entirely dependent on the source of the problem.

What a mistake

Literally, the ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE message is translated as “empty response” and means no response from the server to the user's request, which follows from the translation. There are several variations of notifications, for example, “the page does not work, the site did not send data”, “the server broke the connection without sending data” and others, which may be due to problems on the resource side, but if a failure occurs while visiting any web page, then the reason Trouble lies in the problems on the client device.

Error window code 324

You can learn more about what error ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE occurred when you went to the site from the signatures attached to the error message with code 324. After reading the error data, you can see that the information is compiled on empty data received from the provider. This means that something interferes with the reception and transmission of information packets, such as malicious software or installed extensions.

An error occurs most often in the Google Chrome browser, but is also characteristic of Yandex.Browser, Opera, and Firefox. The following causes can provoke a problem:

  • Malicious programs.
  • Extensions used in the browser.
  • Irrelevant drivers.
  • Browser file corruption.
  • Incorrect network settings.

Since it is impossible to immediately determine exactly what caused the problem of data exchange, it is necessary to eliminate the error by trying the available methods. If the failure occurred while working on the Internet, the irrelevance of the connection settings can be excluded.

Problem fix

Very often, one-time failures of different nature are solved by rebooting. First of all, when this problem occurs, restart the browser, the computer (it is necessary to perform a reboot, not a shutdown-on). If the method did not work, and the ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error appeared again, you will have to apply other corrective measures. Sometimes cleaning up the browser data (history, cache, and cookies) helps to cope with failures. In Chrome or Yandex, you can do this by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Delete and choosing which data should be cleared. This section can also be accessed through the browser settings menu.

Removing extensions

Users often like to upgrade everything that can be improved, including the browser, giving it additional features. Extensions are used for various purposes and can be installed on different browsers, but in some cases they, in addition to or in favor of supposed benefits, become the culprits of slow work, increased load on system resources, as well as a failure of ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE. If there are such add-ons in your browser's arsenal, including tools that replace IP for anonymity on the network, they may be the root of evil. So, one of the effective methods to fix the error ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE involves the removal of the very extensions in the browser settings. Removing all unknown add-ons, including anonymizers of dubious origin, will also get rid of plausible adware or malware.

To disable browser extensions that use Chromium, in the address bar, enter the command chrome: // extensions, if you have Yandex. Browser, enter browser: // extensions.

Remove Extensions in Chrome

You can also go to the list of add-ons from the browser settings menu. In front of each installed tool there is a switch with which you can deactivate the option, as well as the possibility of deletion.

Official extensions can be left in the toolkit, they are hardly related to the error, but if after removing third-party add-ons, the failure message still appears, then we delete them too.

Reset browser settings

When the above method for resolving the ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error was not effective, you can reset the browser settings. To solve the problem, do the following:

  • We go to the settings page, for which we enter chrome: // settings or browser: // settings (in Yandex browser) in the address bar. You can also go to the settings from the menu button on the browser top panel.
  • Scroll down the page and click the button "Show advanced settings."
  • At the bottom of the page we find the button “Reset settings”, click.
  • After completing the procedure, restart the browser.

A more robust reset method, which involves resetting user settings, is done by deleting the Default folder. It lies at the address C: \ Users \ User name \ AppData \ Local \ Yandex \ YandexBrowser \ User Data \.

Hard reset method

In Opera, there are also several methods for resetting settings to their original state. The easiest way is to go to “Settings” from the main menu (or press Alt + P), in the “Advanced” section, scroll down and click the “Restore Defaults” button.

You can also reset the settings in Opera as follows:

  • From the browser’s main menu, go to the “Help” section, then select “About”.
  • Here are the ways in which Opera saves profile settings and cache.
  • We close the browser and follow the folder with the profile C: \ Users \ User name \ AppData \ Roaming \ Opera Software \ Opera Stable, where we delete the ini file.
  • The next time you start the browser, the profile will be created anew, it will display all the default settings.
  • The cache is cleared in the folder at C: \ Users \ User name \ AppData \ Local \ Opera Software \ Opera Stable.

Driver installation

Often, crashes can be caused by damaged or outdated device drivers, so the fix for many errors is to update them. You can do this manually for each type of equipment by contacting the system service "Device Manager" (you can access it from the Control Panel), or with the help of a special third-party utility that will do everything automatically. Perhaps a driver update will help fix the ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error, but if not, the procedure will be simply helpful.

Reset network settings

It may be that the cause of the error, indicating that the web resource did not send the data, is not in the browser, but in the network connection settings that were changed intentionally or accidentally. They can be reset to default values ​​using the command line:

  • Open a command prompt under the administrator's name, for which you can use the Run console (Win + R), where you set cmd and hold down the Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys, then confirm your intention to use the service. Another launch option with administrator rights is to use the search in the Start menu, for which you need to enter a command line request and right-click on the corresponding application in the output, then select the desired launch option from the context menu.
  • In the command line, use the following commands in sequence:
  • ipconfig / release
  • ipconfig / all
  • ipconfig / flushdns
  • ipconfig / renew
  • netsh int ip set dns
  • netsh winsock reset

Applying the commands for the system console, restart the device. After the procedure, we check if the site is sending data. In some cases, the method helps to correct the error ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE.

Computer scan for malware and adware

Since ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error code 324 is often caused by viruses that have settled on the device, as well as phishing, adware and other unwanted software, it is necessary to scan the disks with the installed antivirus before updating the databases. In addition, it is useful to use third-party utilities (for example, Dr.Web CureIt). After scanning and treatment, a reboot is required, then you can see if the error has disappeared.

Rarely, but it still happens that the crash is caused by missing or damaged browser files, so reinstalling the browser can help here (complete removal with all the “tails” and re-installation). In cases of damage to registry entries, special utilities are used to restore them (it is not recommended to do this manually without special knowledge).

So, to eliminate the error ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE, it is enough to use the methods described above, each of them is effective depending on the source of the problem.