Correction of error 0xe06d7363 when launching game software and various programs

With failures of various character and scale all users of Windows OS face. In most cases, problems can be easily solved by software, this task is simplified when the causes of incorrect system or software behavior are known. The nature of the failure can be determined based on the information specified in the message, and although the error code and description contained in the notification do not specifically specify the source of the trouble, it does help narrow the search for causes. Among the various failures that occur in applications or games, there is an error 0xe06d7363. Its appearance may be due to various reasons, both software and hardware. A message appears with error code 0xe06d7363 at the start of the software, as a result of which the application closes, respectively, and it is impossible to work with it until the problem is fixed.

Mostly gamers suffer from this problem, but other than gaming software, other applications that have nothing to do with games are affected by this crash. Consider what it can be connected with and how to eliminate it.

Causes of Error 0xe06d7363 when starting the application

Various reasons can provoke a problem. Error 0xe06d7363, which occurs when you start the game, can appear both immediately after the installation of the program, and suddenly after a while, even if everything used to function properly.

Error 0xe06d7363 when starting the application

The notification that the software cannot be started appears regardless of the version of Windows. And the message is not meaningful enough to immediately understand what the error 0xe06d7363 is and how to fix it. We'll have to find out what led to it to fix the problem. The reasons may be:

  • The integrity of the program data is violated.
  • Damage, obsolescence of DirectX and Visual C ++.
  • Damage or lack of registry files.
  • Incorrect system settings required for the correct operation of the game software and applications.
  • Damage to the client used to start the game.
  • Blocking the work of software in the network by the built-in firewall system or antivirus.
  • Application conflict
  • The effect of viruses.
  • No rights to run the application.
  • Failure, outdated video card drivers.
  • Hardware malfunctions.

The reasons for the failure with the code 0xe06d7363, as you can see, are not so few. In this case, the error is often easily removable.

How to get rid of 0xe06d7363 problem when starting the program

If, on the eve of the error, no action was taken in the system parameters, you didn’t touch the device drivers, the application files were not changed, that is, you don’t see any hint of trouble, start with simple solutions and gradually move to more decisive measures:

  • The first thing to do when any one-time failure occurs is to reboot the device. In many cases, it is the reboot that solves the problem and further vanity to eliminate the error is no longer relevant. If, having rebooted, you saw that the failure occurred again, try to get rid of it in other ways.
  • The next universal recommendation is to check the system for viruses. Even if it is not about them, periodically scanning the OS for the presence of pests is still necessary, using, among other things, third-party treatment utilities (Dr.Web CureIt, etc.).

    Doctor Web window

  • To check if the program is blocking the antivirus or firewall (this is especially true if the downloaded product is not licensed), you need to disable the protective software for a while and see if the situation has been fixed. If so, add the product to the list of exclusions of the available protection tools.
  • It is possible that the program itself, which gives an error and does not start, requires admin rights. It is worth trying to run the software by opening it as an administrator. In the properties of the application, you can set this option in the "Compatibility" tab.
  • If you use an unlicensed version of the application, it is often the mistake of 0xe06d7363 that is saved by changing the crack to the game.

Reinstall application

It happens that the error 0xe06d7363 when starting the application occurs due to the damage or absence of some of its files. Then the problem is solved by reinstalling the program. Before re-installing, you need to remove not only the software itself using the Control Panel, but also all its “tails”. Special utilities, such as CCleaner, do an excellent job with this task. After the remnants of the application are removed, you can again install the software.

Ccleaner launch window

Sometimes the problem is not specifically with the program, but with the client used for the launch. So, when you reinstall it, the error disappears (use CCleaner or another similar tool for uninstallation).

Change computer name

Error 0xe06d7363 when starting games is possible due to the Cyrillic alphabet used in the computer name. In this situation, you should change the name to Latin characters and check whether the game will start again. In Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 to rename the computer perform the following steps:

  • Go to the control panel.
  • Go to the "System" section.
  • In the "Computer name ..." block, click the "Change settings" button.
  • In the new window “System Properties”, in the “Computer Name” tab, click “Change” and assign a new name in the appeared window, confirm the action.

Perform actions to fix error 0xe06d7363

In the Top Ten, you can also change the name of the computer by accessing the “Settings” service (it can be started from the Start menu). In the “System” section, go to the “About system” item and click “Rename this PC”, then enter a new name.

Elimination of errors in the system and account configuration

If problems during the launch of applications, including 0xe06d7363 failures, are caused by damage or lack of some system elements necessary for the launch and correct operation of the programs, they require repair. To find out whether there are such flaws in the system, and the built-in utility System File Checker will help to correct the situation. To check and repair damaged system files do the following:

  • Open the command prompt as an administrator. For example, we will use the “Run” console (Win + R) for this purpose, where we prescribe the cmd command (we do not press Enter, but instead press the Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys), we confirm the action. You can select the launch as administrator and, using the Start menu search, where upon request the command line find the service and right-click on it, then select the required item from the context menu.
  • At the command prompt, enter sfc / scannow, press Enter.
  • After the scanning procedure, you will receive a report where the detected problems, if any, will be shown, as well as information about whether damaged files were restored or not.
  • Reboot and check if the error has disappeared.

Incorrect user account settings are easier to fix by creating a new account, it is best to specify the name in Latin, as well as the software installation folder. The program will start from any account, if the mode “For all users” is set for it.

Reinstall or update drivers and system components

The components DirectX and Visual C ++ are responsible for the start and correct operation of the game software. Missing files are often added to the library along with software installation, and you need to make sure that you have the latest version of DirectX and all the Visual C ++ elements on your computer.

To view the version of DirectX we enter dxdiag in the command line or the Run console, to see if the version 2005-2015 of Visual C ++ is available in the "Programs and Features" section of the Control Panel.

If you reinstall the DirectX development tools package, you will need the DirectX Eradicator utility to uninstall, as the system tools do not provide this option.

Since one of the factors causing failure 0xe06d7363 are outdated or damaged video card drivers, the solution may be to update them to actual or reinstall. To perform the procedure, go to the Device Manager and open the "Video adapters" branch, then click on the desired object and select the "Update" option (search on the computer or download firewood from the official resource of the card manufacturer). After the procedure we reboot.

Effectively solves the problem of system recovery. By sending Windows to the point where the failure has not yet occurred, you will get rid of the error. In the case of the ten, it is better to install all the latest updates, since the incompatibility of outdated system components with the libraries of the program that gives the error is likely.

If none of the methods described above proved to be effective in dealing with failures, nothing else remains but how to contact customer support for the software.