Deleting and deactivating your Facebook account: conditions and options

Social networks have long been an integral part of the life of most of the world's population. Social networks "successfully" replaced any live communication. Currently, all holidays are celebrated in the form of a live broadcast with various posts and publications hundreds of photos of varying degrees of usefulness. In the same way, various sorrows and troubles are experienced, which are shared with all "hundreds and thousands of friends."

But not everyone perceives such fanaticism and total immersion in the sphere of public and social life on the Internet. For some, social networks are only a tool for viewing various news, interesting content, as well as a platform for online games. And some use these accounts only as a temporary solution for registration on other resources.

One way or another, many people come to the same solution and ask: “But how can you delete your account?”.

And about the answer to this question regarding its application to the social network Facebook and will be discussed in this article.

Difference between deletion and deactivation

In the Russian user segment, Facebook is mostly used as a temporary solution for creating a fake account, to which various services are “tied” (games, forums, websites, etc.).

And the main platform for communication for more than one year has been the Vkontakte website, which has already moved to the global user market.

So, the topic considered in this article covers not only the immediate deletion of your page (someone continues to call it a questionnaire), but also the difference between this action and its deactivation. What is worth talking further.

As Facebook itself explains, there are several key differences between the above actions, namely:

Deactivate Facebook account

  • When you deactivate access to the page is indeed suspended, but:
    • The owner can restore it at any time.
    • Other users will not be able to continue to get acquainted with your chronicle.
    • Some "general" information remains available to other users, for example, the history of general correspondence.
  • When deleting:
    • The request for the "destruction" of the page is processed within several days, during which it can be restored, in case the owner independently visits the site and maintains authorization data.
    • Access after this is impossible to return.
    • The history of messages and other general information continues to be accessible to the "other party."
    • From Facebook servers, most of the personal information is deleted within 90 days, but some may remain in the use of the company, but without the presence of personal identifiers.

That is, taking all of the above into account, it is worth noting that the key difference between the actions under consideration is the possibility of restoring access to your account.


Before you begin to directly delete the history, you need to save all the important information for you (photos, videos, music, etc.), since in the future their restoration will be simply impossible.

And the order of "destruction" of your account in a social network is as follows:

  • Notice the icon, which provides access to various additional sections. It is located in the upper right corner and looks like an arrow pointing down.
  • Among the presented sections, select "Settings".
  • Next, go to the tab "Your information on Facebook."
  • Click on the "Delete account and information."

    How to delete a Facebook account

  • After that, once again confirm the deliberation of your actions by entering a password and pressing the appropriate button again.

It should be noted that the above several days, during which the user / owner of the profile in the social network can cancel the deletion, are calculated in one month, or to be more precise, exactly 30 calendar days.


As can be seen from the foregoing, there is nothing complicated about the “destruction” of traces on the Facebook social network. The key point is to unequivocally answer the question whether it is worth it or not.