Best programs to open djvu format files

Users sometimes have to deal with new and yet completely unknown formats. In many cases, such acquaintance is accompanied by increased nervousness, because it is very important to quickly perform certain manipulations, and the proposed file is stubbornly unwilling to open on a computer.

Similarly, the situation with the DjVu format. When trying to open scanned books and magazines downloaded from the Internet, a window appears on the PC screen, announcing that the computer does not have DjVu reading software installed.

Of course, if you can refuse to open a file with the DjVu extension, download the necessary literature in a different format, then do just that. However, in many cases, you simply cannot back up, so you have to figure out what the DjVu format is, rather than open it on your computer.

Assigning DjVu format

Such a strange format for many is not new and incomprehensible for experienced users, since it has already managed to take root systematically over the long fifteen years of its existence.

Mostly in this format are stored scanned images. Its advantage is that it is accompanied by much smaller sizes than other formats of scanned tables, images, charts and other information.

Advantages of DjVu

If you identify a task that involves the digitization of important literature, you can solve it quickly enough if you have a computer and a scanner at hand.

However, it is important to consider the format in which you will save the scanned material. You can save it, like the rest of the image, but the size of even one page will be extremely large, not to mention the whole book. In addition, you will not be able to search for a given word or fragment, which is often needed by users who do not just read the literature, but write a report or scientific work.

There is also a second option to save scanned materials, which implies a powerful compression during saving. In this case, it is possible to make the size of the digitized book minimal, also to provide conditions for a reliable and fast search, but you will have to accept the loss of images, charts and drawings.

If you do not want to drive yourself into the framework, then you have to look for a successful alternative, which is the format of DjVu.

The main advantages of "deja vu" are:

  • powerful compression, exceeding at least ten times the compression of jpeg (one sheet is accompanied by a size of 10 to 50 KB);
  • preservation of clarity for textual and graphical information;
  • implementation of a full search.

Thanks to such excellent characteristics, the DjVu format has successfully “got accustomed” and is currently popular with many users.

For those who are not yet familiar with it, it is easier to learn new knowledge about how to open DjVu on a computer.

Software to open djvu files

So, if you are faced with the need to open a document saved in the DjVu format, it will be useful for you to familiarize yourself with some programs that are oriented to work with documents with such an extension. Install absolutely all software on a computer is not necessary. It is important to choose one program for yourself, install it on a PC and start enjoying its work, no longer asking how to open the DjVu file.


Book in WinDjView

WinDjView is an excellent program for opening DjVu. It has an incredibly large amount of functionality that provides not only the quick opening of documents, but also comfortable work with them.

WinDjView saves a lot of time, it is suitable even for those who have never heard of it before, because it is not at all difficult to understand the basics of its operation.

The program allows you to view individual fragments of the document, for example, page by page, as well as read books in spread in a continuous mode.

WinDjView allows you to work with several books at once, opening them in separate tabs. If necessary, you can save individual pages as images.

Also, the user can make some settings:

  • zoom;
  • page spread;
  • increase or decrease the brightness;
  • contrast change.

Of course, WinDjView is focused on the implementation of a full search.

Djvu reader

Djvu reader

DjVu Reader is a program that is not inferior in popularity to WinDjView. It also provides conditions for comfortable opening and reading books with the DjVu extension.

There are some distinctive features of such software. First of all, DjVu Reader does not require installation. It is enough to unzip the program in any folder and immediately begin to use it.

The DjVu Reader interface is incredibly simple, which is also welcomed by beginners, as they manage to bypass any difficulties.

The functionality of DjVu Reader does not have limitations similar to WinDjView, so you can also search, read, copy, and customize individual pages.

STDU Viewer

STDU Viewer

STDU Viewer is another popular program, accompanied by additional versatility, aimed at the fact that it can open not only a file with the DjVu extension, but also many other formats of electronic books or images.

The program is accompanied by multifunctionality, which includes setting pages, searching, copying images, as well as setting fonts.


CoolReader window

CoolReader is another bright "representative" of the software, easily coping with the expansion of "deja vu".

This program is welcomed by the fact that it is easy to run on computers with different operating systems, and besides, it does not need to be installed.

It allows you to manage, open, read many formats.

CoolReader is able to recognize texts with different encodings. In addition, the program is ready to view a file that has not previously been unpacked.

So, if there are circumstances that force you to open a file with a “deja vu” extension, do not panic, do not let despair, but just find out which program will be as close as possible to you in practical use. “Friendship” with one of the above programs will instantly eliminate all problems, and provide you with comfortable working conditions.