Creating text annotations in Word

The need for footnotes does not appear very often, and many users, in general, are unlikely to come across them, however, what do you do when you need to interpret or clarify the text? We will try to answer this question in the article.

Notes are a good way to make the text more readable, understandable, informative. Explanations and any additional information are very positively perceived by readers.

Now let's get down to business. First you need to decide on the area of ​​the text to which you want to make an explanation. Next, go to the Microsoft Word ribbon tab "Links", and in it, select "Insert Footnote." It remains only to write your explanation in the relevant field. Each link you add will have a number corresponding to its order. It is very convenient that you can read a comment by simply hovering your mouse over the number next to the text. If you use Word version 2003, then you will have to set the numbering or location on the page, as well as other parameters yourself. In later versions of the program, all this is done automatically.

There is still such a thing as endnotes. They differ from ordinary ones only in that the comment is not on the same page at the bottom, but on the last page of the document. To do this, in the same block, select the item “Add endnote”.

Removal is very easy. This does not require any special settings or blocks in the menu. Simply press the "" or "Del" key to remove the digit, and the note will be deleted automatically.

As you can see, working with notes in Microsoft Word is a very simple task that even a novice user can. Write in the comments your opinion about this article and ask any questions you may have on the topic.