Ways to resolve the error when starting the application 0xc0000005

The appearance of all sorts of errors and failures when working with Windows are not uncommon and the struggle with problems for users of different versions of the system has become a common thing. If the question does not concern hardware faults, then the problem can be solved on its own, without the help of experts. As a rule, each error has its own code and is accompanied by a message, which sometimes even reveals the essence of the problem. In the case of the 0xc0000005 crash that occurs when opening applications and games, the picture is not so clear, and immediately find out what the matter will be. At the same time there are several solutions, each of which is effective in a particular case. The problem is more relevant for Windows 7 and 8, is less common on the "Top Ten", unlicensed versions are mainly subject to failure, but exceptions are possible.

Correction of error 0xc0000005.


“Error while starting the application 0xc0000005” means that a failure occurred during the initialization of software components and often it is a consequence of system updates. The text of the message may differ, but the code will be unchanged, sometimes the OS may hang and the blue “screen of death” will appear. So, after installing new packages on the “Seven” instead of improving the work, it often happens that there is a failure when starting a game or a program. In version 10 of Windows, the reasons provoking an error are different and the problem has to be solved in other ways. It often helps to remove or stop antivirus, but there may be problems with RAM memory, so you will need to perform a scan using a special utility. The main reasons causing the error (exception code) 0xc0000005 on Windows 10, 8, 7:

  • OS updates, software, drivers.
  • Errors in the memory module.
  • Hardware conflict with software.
  • The impact of viruses.

Depending on the version of the operating system, the issue of eliminating the error should be different. It is easy to get rid of the problem and, following the instructions, an inexperienced user will cope with the task.

How To Fix Error 0xc0000005 On Windows

Service packs that imply making adjustments to significant system files to improve security are becoming frequent culprits for failures. In view of the fact that the key reason for the application error 0xc0000005 is the updates for the Seven, we will solve the problem by removing them, which can be done by several methods.

Remove updates from the command line

Consider how to fix the error 0xc0000005, getting rid of updates through the console "Run." To carry out the procedure, perform the following steps:

  • Go to the console (for example, via Start or using the Win + R hotkeys or Win + X for the Eight).
  • In the line we write the command wusa.exe / uninstall / kb: 2859537 and press the enter key (for Windows 8, exe / uninstall / kb: 2859537 is used).
  • We are waiting for the removal process to complete, then restart the computer.
  • If the problem persists, similarly, using the console, delete and update kb: 2872339, kb: 2882822, kb: 971033.

Removing updates from the control panel

Another way to solve the problem of the appearance of a crash when starting up the software will take a little longer than the previous one, but also not difficult. To get rid of error 0xc0000005, do the following:

  • Go to the "Control Panel", go to the "Programs and Features" section, where we select "View installed updates."
  • Find updates kb: 2859537, kb: 2872339, kb: 2882822, kb: 971033 and delete them in the same order by pressing RMB to select the delete option.

If none of these methods turned out to be effective, and the error 0xc0000005 was not resolved, the problem may have affected the launch of the utilities used to solve the problem. In this case, we use a more serious method.

Removing updates through safe mode

To manually remove updates, use the features of the safe mode:

  • Reboot the PC and when it is turned on we clamp F
  • The loader offers a choice of launch options, select the safe mode that supports the command line, press the enter key.
  • Repeat the steps described in the first or second options for removing updates.

After solving the problem by removing updates, it is better to disable the automatic updates feature to avoid surprises in the future.

How to fix error 0xc0000005

Since there are quite a few sources of the problem, other methods can eliminate the error 0xc0000005.

Testing memory for errors

In Windows 10, the problem is often associated with a malfunction of the RAM module, which often happens after the expansion of the operating system or upgrade. The best way to detect a malfunction will be the use of the Memtest86 + utility (software is freely available). If serious malfunctions are found, the module will need to be replaced.

System rollback to restore point

A universal way to eliminate errors is to restore the system. The function allows you to return at a time when there were no problems yet; for this, a recovery point should be created on the computer earlier, which is a saved copy of the parameters for a specific date or event.

System File Recovery

Another way involves the restoration of damaged system elements via the command line:

  • We open the Run console on behalf of the administrator.
  • Alternately, enter the command:
  • dism / online / cleanup-image / restorehealth.
  • sfc / scannow
  • After performing the process, a device reboot is required.

The essence of the method is to scan the system files and restore them in the event of damage. It happens that during the procedure an installation disk or USB flash drive with Windows is requested.

Change printer settings

The occurrence of error 0xc0000005 may be due to incompatibility of printer parameters with certain software. To correct the situation, you will need to create another profile in the printer settings, as well as update the driver.

Roll back updates or remove device drivers

Often the problem is a consequence of driver updates. If the error began to occur after installing the driver for the device, then you will need to remove it or roll it back to the previous version. To do this, go to the Device Manager (via the Control Panel) and find the hardware whose driver has been updated recently. In the properties of the device, you can roll back or delete.

Registry cleanup

Incorrect entries in the registry is also one of the causes of errors of a different nature. You can manually clean the registry only if you have the necessary skills and knowledge, because even with the slightest incorrect changes, the system may fail or not run at all. Before work, a backup is usually created. For the average user, it is better to use a tool that allows you to safely perform diagnostics and repair registry entries in automatic mode, for example, CCleaner or other special software.

Disable DEP option

A software launch block may occur when software tries to execute its code in the area of ​​the computer's operatives allocated by DEP. Thanks to the function, it is possible to prevent the launch of malicious code from the data area, which allows you to effectively protect the system from a number of threats. However, sometimes DEP also blocks useful software, in which case it is necessary to take such measures:

  • Run the console "Run" on behalf of the administrator.
  • In the line enter the command bcdedit.exe / set {current} nx AlwaysOff.
  • Reboot, after which the function will be disabled. To activate it, use the bcdedit.exe / set {current} nxOptIn command.

To disable DEP for some applications only, the following actions are taken:

  • Go to the Control Panel, open the "System" section, where we select the item of additional parameters.
  • In the new window in the block Speed ​​click "Parameters".
  • On the “Data Execution Prevention” tab, check the box next to “Enable DEP for all programs and services except those selected below.”
  • Using the “Add” button, we create an exclusion list, and then apply the new settings.

Scan for viruses

It would also be superfluous to check the system for viruses. In addition to the installed anti-virus, you can additionally use special utilities, for example, Dr.Web CureIt (the software is freely available, does not require installation and does not conflict with the existing security software). In addition, you should see if the files of the problem application are in the quarantine of your antivirus. This happens when a vigilant defender finds objects dangerous. If the files of the program, at the start of which an error occurs, are in quarantine, and you are convinced that they are safe, then you need to add items to the antivirus exception list.

The extreme measure is to reinstall the system, it is worth resorting to it only if other methods have failed and when the problem concerns not a specific application, because it is easier to stop using one program. If the scale is more substantial, then installing a new Windows will be a good solution.