Installing and using the Browsec extension in a browser

The need for anonymity on the Internet is growing every day, since most of the sites collect personal data that can be used for different purposes, and not only good. Moreover, even decent resources that do not transmit information to third parties are not insured against intruders and theft of information. The consequences of personal data leaks are the most unpredictable. For this reason, and also because some services may not be available for viewing from the user's country, many use tools that encrypt Internet traffic. This allows you to bypass the lock and go unnoticed in the network, but always accompanied by a side effect in the form of reducing the speed of access to network resources. One of the best solutions with minimal data transfer and reception delays is the Browsec extension, which you can embed into your favorite browser and no longer worry about anonymity problems, as well as visit any web pages that bypass blockages.

Install and configure the Browsec extension.

What is Browsec and what is it for?

IP hiding means are enough, but if we talk about usability, installing an additional tool in your browser is the best option. Browsec is not exactly an application, but a free VPN extension that can be easily put on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Yandex Browser. There are also options for Linux, MacOS, iOS (version 9.0 and higher), as well as Android (version 4.0.3 and higher). Addition allows you to easily bypass the lock, has a simple interface and easy to manage, despite the lack of Russian language. In this program, as well as other services that use VPN technology, inherent delays in the exchange of data, but they are not so critical and the rating among users at Browsec is quite high. The expansion functionality includes the following features:

  • Internet traffic encryption provided by cloud storage that performs redirection.
  • The masking of the IP address, allowing to visit pages bypassing blocking.
  • Constant change of location, which prevents the collection of personal data.

The free version provides a choice of four countries: Singapore, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. When buying a premium subscription, the list expands and the user will have access to a greater number of proxy servers, the speed of work will increase, but, as a rule, the free option is enough.

Download and install

Browser add-on is easy to install on your browser. First you need to make sure that you have installed the latest version of the browser (you can do this by referring to the section "About the Program"). Further steps are similar to the usual installation of any other extensions. Consider how this is done for different browsers.

How to install Browsec for Google Chrome

To install the extension in the Google Chrome browser, you need to perform a number of actions:

  • Open Settings and Management - Additional Tools - Extensions.
  • Go to the Chrome store.
  • In the search bar, enter the name of the tool, click the “Install” button, and after the installation procedure, the Browsec icon will appear at the top right.

How to install Browsec for Yandex Browser

For Yandex, add-on installation manipulations will be identical to those in Chrome:

  • In the menu, select the Add-ons section.
  • Go to the directory extensions and find in the search we need.
  • We press "Add to Yandex Browser", then the installation button opposite the name and wait for the process to complete.
  • Go to the settings, open Add-ons and to activate the tool we translate the slider to “On”.

How to install Browsec for Opera

The procedure remains unchanged in Opera browser:

  • In the settings menu, open the add-on for the browser.
  • Click "Add extension" and in the search box enter Browsec.
  • Click “Add to Opera”, wait for the installation process to finish, after which the corresponding Browsec icon will appear to the right of the address bar.

How to install Browsec for Firefox

Similarly, the tool is installed in Mozilla Firefox:

  • In the menu, select "Add-ons" - "Extensions".
  • We are looking for Browsec using the add-ons search bar.
  • Click "Install" in front of the desired object.

In addition, you can download the extension from the official site. Mobile versions for Android and iOS are also available in the Play Market app stores and the App Store.

How Browsec Works

The tool is quite simple to manage and is characterized by process automation, so you don’t need to drive the server addresses yourself. When the extension is activated, the proxy is automatically selected, but if you wish, you can change it.

Browsec working principle

The extension functions by analogy with other VPN services. The principle of its work during visits to our web resources is as follows:

  • The VPN server and client receive an ID and password.
  • The information is encrypted on the computer and in encrypted form is transmitted to the VPN server, and it, in turn, decrypts this information, replacing the IP, and then connects to the site.
  • Since packets are transmitted via a remote cloud service located in another country, the websites visited do not see the real IP, but the address of the repository.
  • The data coming from the web resources is also encrypted by the VPN server and goes to the computer, where they are decrypted.

How to use Browsec

Now let's figure out how to work with the extension. After installation, a globe icon will appear in the top browser bar. While the addition is inactive, the color of the icon will be gray. To enable Browsec, click on its icon, then click the “Protect me” button in the window, after which the tool will become active and the globe will turn green. When the use of an extension is not required, it can be disabled using the on / off switch (and turned on again if necessary). In the Browsec window you can see which server is currently used, if you wish, you can change it using the “Change” button. There will be options to choose from, to the right of the country names there are icons indicating the speed. At the bottom of the expansion interface there is a “Smart Setting” section, which allows you to activate the tool only for selected sites and customize their list. In the paid version, the capabilities of this option are wider.

Advantages over analogues

Browsec VPN extension has a lot of advantages. Use the add-on for your favorite browser and enjoy a number of advantages:

  • Easy to manage.
  • Ability to use on the most popular browsers.
  • Fast bypass blocking and access to any content.
  • Protection of personal data from hacking and theft.
  • Security of online shopping and e-wallets.
  • Unlike other VPNs, the effect on speed is not noticeable.
  • The ability to watch videos without slowing down the download.
  • No intrusive ads, pop-ups, etc.
  • Minimum device resource consumption.
  • Small size.
  • Free distribution of the service without imposing a paid subscription.
  • Unlimited time to use extensions.
  • The ability to use the application on your smartphone.

How to activate premium

Paid subscription provides access to 34 proxy servers, the speed of data exchange will be higher. The cost of the premium is $ 4.99 a month, the annual subscription is $ 59.88, but holiday discounts are periodically available. To activate the premium, you must perform the following steps:

  • Go to the tab "Premium" on the official website.
  • We note which package we will purchase (months / year).
  • Enter your email address in the appropriate field.
  • Choose a payment method.
  • We confirm payment by message or QR-code.

Most often, users lack the free version. The main functionality is present here, and the task is performed, but if there is a desire to speed up and gain access to advanced settings, then you can use the premium package.