Clip2Net program is a handy tool for creating screenshots

Quite often, when working on a computer, you need to show the results of your work to someone else. Since it’s not so easy to show your monitor to an unprepared user, the simplest option is to take a screenshot, that is, a screenshot in the form of a picture. This picture can be sent by mail, put on social networks, but at least print it and hang it on the wall.

Work with the program Clip2Net.

What is Clip2Net

Windows can take a screen shot - the Print Screen key is provided on the keyboard for this. But the image is simply copied to the clipboard, and it needs to be pasted into a new file in some graphic editor and then saved. All this is inconvenient, since it creates unnecessary movements for the simplest operation. What is Clip2Net? It just eliminates the routine actions to create a screenshot. She does it instantly, and can immediately send the picture to her server, and you can simply share a link to this image. Among the main features:

  • Create a screenshot of a specific window or just some area of ​​the screen.
  • A simple editor that allows you to put on the picture lines, arrows, labels, tags. You can resize the image or crop it.
  • Sending to the cloud storage with the issuance of a short link.
  • The ability to save screenshots in various formats - jpeg, png, and other popular ones. This allows you to create files of the best quality or the smallest volume, if necessary.
  • Ability to customize hot keys. This allows you to create and share screenshots in just a couple of clicks.

Of course, Clip2Net is not the only program of this kind, but it is among the most popular and convenient. In addition, it has a free version, which has a limit on the number of screenshots per day - up to 20 pieces, and the amount of disk space on the server - up to 100 MB.

How to install Clip2Net software

Installation of this utility is very simple. First you need to download it from the official site (//, click the big button “Download Clip2Net for free”, and run the downloaded file. During installation, a window appears where you need to select a folder, but you can leave it by default. Also pay attention to the window where you are offered to install Yandex Yandex-browser and Yandex add-ons - uncheck the checkboxes there if you don’t need it. The utility is very small, so the installation is very fast. After that, it starts immediately, and in the tray - where the clock is, its icon appears in the form of an arrow pointing up. Also, when you first start, a window appears in which the keys to control the program are shown:

  1. PrtScr - take a screenshot.
  2. Win + A - take a screenshot and open it in the editor.
  3. Alt + Win + A - share the file, that is, send it to the server and get the link.

Also, the program will offer to register on the site. This must be done to see in your account all the saved images, to be able to view them, edit, download themselves, or delete.

Clip2Net settings

If you click on the program icon in the tray, a menu appears. In it, you can choose a screenshot of which area of ​​the screen you need to do - of a particular window or just an area of ​​the screen. You can also send small files and even make video from the screen, but this is not available in the free version. The first thing to do is to register from the program, if you have not done so on the site. If you have registered, you must enter your login and password in the program so that it sends your screenshots to your account, and not just to the server. Then the utility will show the list of sent files, and on the site you can see them all as a list. You can also go to the “Settings” menu, and then an additional window will open where you can customize a lot of things. Let's call the main tab settings:

  • Profile - here you can log out of your account and enter another one, if you have one.
  • Basic - here are collected settings related to the program. You can disable Clip2Net autorun at system startup, select the file format, disable the update, turn on the sound when creating a screenshot, disable the automatic opening of the page in the browser after the file transfer. It also configures the storage time of files on the server. You can optionally specify a folder on the computer where the screenshots will also be saved.
  • Keys - here you can set your own shortcut keys for certain actions.
  • Proxy - proxy settings. He who knows how to tune it, he knows what it is. This is for advanced users.
  • Servers - you can add your own data storage, if you enter here accounts to access them via FTP. So you can upload images to your own hosting.

Usually you only need to look at the first two tabs. The rest is rarely needed, only for those who wish to customize the program completely for themselves.

Create a screenshot using Clip2Net

The screenshot in Clip2Net is created very simply. If the program is running and its icon is in the tray, just press the Win + A or PrtScr keys. If the screen area mode was selected, then you just need to select this area with the mouse, and it will be saved to the image file. If the window mode has been selected, the program will ask you to specify the window whose screenshot is to be made. After that, the picture will be sent to the server and to the folder if you specified it in the settings, and will appear in the list. If you click on the "Open" button in this list, the picture will open in a simple editor. There you can put any labels, labels, shapes, arrows, and save again. Please note - one more file will be saved, but the original one will not be overwritten. Each image has a short link that can be mailed or posted to other people. This link will open the picture assigned to it.

Such programs as Clip2Net make life easier for ordinary users, eliminating routine actions. They allow you to quickly share the image from your screen with other people.