Proper Internet outlet connection

The ability to connect to the Internet in our time has already become a priority need for life. And no matter where you live, in a house or apartment - making connections to the world wide web is often a daunting task. Of course, most users simply install a Wi-Fi router and do not survive. But there is another way to reduce the number of signals around - connecting to an Internet outlet. The main advantage of this method of Internet connection is the absence of negative health effects, unlike routers and modems. Well, the wired connection has always been more stable.

The procedure for connecting an Internet outlet.

What is a power outlet

In general, a computer outlet (sometimes called a network) is the same outlet, but with a slightly modified appearance and its own characteristics. For example, the Internet version is based on a twisted pair: eight copper wires are twisted in pairs in 4 wires, which ensures high stability of the connection and suppresses interruptions and interruptions. This type of sockets has a special connector. The most frequent of them is RJ45. Outwardly, they resemble telephone jacks RJ11. The difference is in the number of wires: there are more of them in RJ45, so you can connect the phone to the Internet variations, but you can not connect the PC to the phone.

Network sockets can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. Inline. This type is very convenient and aesthetic. The socket itself is small and fixed in the wall with a special solution, and then the connection is established. After all the technical manipulations, the box is covered with a plastic panel, which gives it a modern design and does not spoil the appearance of the wall.
  2. External. Such sockets are not mounted into the wall, but on top of it with screws. The final version is closed with a special cap.

In addition, sockets differ in the number of possible connection points - maybe one or two. The number of connectors also varies (maximum 4). Connection method is almost the same.

TIP. If you do not have the ability to drill the wall and install a power outlet, you can use a normal 220-volt power adapter using a special PowerLine adapter. The essence of the work lies in its connection to the network, and the rest of the adapters are already connected to it.

Preparatory work

Installing an Internet outlet will require some training and the availability of the necessary components. The first step is to check the availability of electrical Internet wiring. As a rule, it is laid during the construction phase, since the Wi-Fi router also connects to the point to which the wiring is laid. Next, check for the presence of mandatory components. We will need:

  • Cable lan. Its category must match the outlet.
  • Connector (or jack). This element looks like an eight-pin plug and serves as an adapter for connecting the computer port to the cable.
  • Patch panel. This device allows you to switch between work points and network equipment in general. The number of ports is equal to the number of devices that you will connect.
  • Perforator. Pay attention to the crown - it must have an appropriate diameter.
  • Knife to remove insulation.
  • Screwdrivers of various sizes.
  • Tester.
  • Crimping pliers. They are inexpensive, but it is not profitable to purchase them exclusively for one-time installation. It is better to borrow for a while from friends or rent.

Podozetnik also set at the preparatory stage. Hollow out the hole with a punch and the desired crown. Podzoretnik is fixed with the help of a special mixture, but only after the niche has been cleared of dirt and dust.

Connecting Internet sockets

After installing the plug-in, we understand how to connect the Internet outlet. First of all, we stipulate that each of them is equipped with a terminal block for connecting twisted pairs, and it must be disconnected. For this:

  • turn the outlet backside;
  • find the retainer;
  • turn it clockwise.
TIP. terminal block can be stationary. In this case, it does not need to disconnect.

Twisted pair stripping

The next step is to connect the twisted pair to the outlet. Do the following:

  1. We push the Internet wire from the back of the terminal block.
  2. We strip the cores of the pair by stripping them with a knife. Straighten and prepare for connection.
IMPORTANT. Be extremely careful when cleaning, as the conductors are very fragile and easily damaged.
  1. We find on the body of the terminal block diagram of the cross.
  2. We connect everything in stages in accordance with the instructions on it.

Internet cable connection scheme by color

As you have already noticed, in order to properly connect the power outlet it is necessary to understand the colors and numbers, since the order of their connection is the most important point. So, there are two types of connection: A and B. The connection scheme should correspond to the channels in the outlet itself.

ATTENTION. To avoid mistakes, consult your ISP. He will tell you which of the wiring diagrams involved in the installation.

Now look at the colors. Each pair is colored in a different color. As already mentioned, the number of pairs can be from two to four. Next, we begin to connect the wires according to the colors, connecting them to the corresponding grooves on the box.

TIP. contact pad itself protects the connection, so you should not clean the ends of the wires.

For the strength of the connection, we deepen the wires with a knife (cross-over). The wires are fixed by the pads themselves. This happens due to the sharpened plates, which are in contact with the wires when the cover is lowered into place. This mechanism contributes to the health and continuity of the connection.

Installing the terminal block in a computer outlet

Having performed all the necessary actions with the wires, we set the terminal block back in the same way as we removed it, tightly fixing the retaining ring. To make sure that the connection is working, it is enough to connect any device to the outlet. If it worked, everything is connected correctly, and if not, we check the connection order and how the wires are crimped.

TIP. availability of a special tester will greatly simplify installation.

Making sure that everything is working properly, we cut out protruding veins and proceed to the next step.

We mount the socket

Installing an Internet outlet has the same sequence as a conventional installation. Podrazetnik we are ready, the poet is left only to install the box. Please note that the cable is not broken in any places. We fasten the socket. The final stage of installation is to mount the decorative lining. The provided connection scheme of twisted pairs and installation is universal and suitable for all types of Ethernet sockets. Of course, there are some differences depending on the shape, the location of the contacts and the method of installation. But, having understood the essence, it will not be difficult for you to connect another kind.

It is worth noting that on sale there are also double options, which makes it possible to connect directly to two networks. The installation process is no different, and one outlet with two outputs is cheaper than two with one outlet. With a sufficient degree of care and a clear following the scheme, install a computer outlet is not difficult. If you have any questions, write about your problem in the comments, we will try to help.