How to install the fans in the computer case

Computer device is quite complicated - it consists of many blocks, each of which emits a lot of heat. Overheating of any of them can lead, at best, to malfunctioning and emergency shutdown of the computer, at worst - to failure. The processor, video card, chips of the north and south bridge on the motherboard are especially hot. But other nodes are also heated - for example, the hard drive with active work heats up very noticeably. Therefore, the computer needs cooling.

The order of installation of fans in the computer case.

Typical computer air cooling

The most common and cheap cooling system used in computers is air, which works with the help of special fans. For better heat removal and increase in the heat-dissipating surface, metal radiators are placed on the most important details. They take away a lot of heat, but their area is limited, so fans are additionally used. For example, it is on the main processor, in addition to the radiator, since this is one of the most important and hottest microcircuits. For the best effect, at least one additional cooler should be installed in the system unit, which will create a constant air circulation and bring the hot air out. In most computers, especially in the minimum configuration - the so-called office version, no additional cooling is installed. However, these models still have one cooler - in the power supply, which is located at the top of the computer. Warm air, rising up from the motherboard and additional devices, is blown out with its help. But this design has drawbacks:

  • All the warm air goes through the power supply, which itself is not weakly heated, causing its parts to overheat even faster. Therefore, it fails most often.
  • A reduced pressure is created in the computer case, and to level it, the air enters from anywhere - through all the gaps. Therefore, a lot of dust quickly accumulates inside, worsening the heat removal even more.
  • The created flow is not very stable, again, because of the influx from all possible openings. It creates unnecessary and harmful turbulence, greatly reducing the efficiency of the entire system.
  • The air flow is not very strong, for low-lying devices, such as a video card, is clearly insufficient.

Therefore, the installation of additional coolers in the system unit is required. They are inexpensive and can be set independently.

How can I install the fans in the computer case

Installation of coolers in the system unit is performed according to different schemes. Before you start working with them, you need to be familiar with it, since the incorrect location of these nodes can do even more harm than their absence. Usually on the motherboard there is a pair of connectors for cooling. They can use both or only one. The installation schemes of the fans in the computer case will then be as follows:

  1. On the back wall above, in front of the processor.
  2. On the front wall.
  3. The use of two fans - front and rear.

You can choose any of these options, but the most preferred one is the last one. Note that the use of only one cooler somehow violates the air balance in a closed system. Therefore, we consider each option separately.

Location on the back wall

The fan installed at the back must work for blowing, that is, bring warm air out. In this case, the warm air flow no longer goes through the power supply and does not cause it to overheat. In addition, the cooling of the processor is improved. This option has a drawback - in a case a thinness is created in the case, and the flow of air through all sorts of openings in the case brings with it a lot of dust. However, the use of such a scheme still significantly improves the situation.

Location on the front wall

This fan should be located at the bottom, preferably opposite the hard drive, and work on blowing. It not only cools the hard drive directly, but also helps to equalize the pressure inside the case. The flow naturally flows from bottom to top, flowing around all the important nodes and is heated blown from top to outside.

Double option

Installing a pair of fans in the computer case is the best option. One of them should stand under the power unit on the back wall and work on blowing. The second one is frontal, it is mounted on the front wall, and it works for blowing. This is the correct location of the coolers in the system unit, as it creates a good air flow past all the nodes. A big plus - the balance of internal pressure does not allow accumulate ardor inside the case. But everything will work fine only if a couple of rules are followed:

  • The size of the fans is better to choose the maximum for the installation site - if you can install a 140-mm model there, then put it, otherwise stop at the 120-mm version.
  • It is necessary to control where the fan in the computer case should blow. Front - for blowing, rear - for blowing. Otherwise, the internal pressure and air circulation will be disturbed, and as a result there will be more harm than good.

Basic errors when installing cooling

It is important to know how to properly install coolers in the system unit. A malfunctioning cooling system may be inefficient, or, conversely, create conditions for rapid overheating. The most important thing here is which way the case cooler blows.

  • Installed only the rear fan, working on "blowing." At the same time, the warm air coming out of the power supply unit is immediately brought back inside and moves in the same circle to the outside. In the lower part of the body of circulation does not create at all, and everything is heated.
  • Installed only the front fan, which works on "blowing." So in the case low pressure will be created, and a lot of dust will quickly accumulate. Heat removal will not occur, so everything will overheat, and the computer will constantly keep coolers at maximum speed, so that the noise will be much more.
  • The rear cooler blows air, and the front one blows. This is not normal, if only because warm air rises, and its flow cannot be directed down. Therefore, the effect will be the same as in the previous paragraph.
  • Both coolers are blown inside. Overpressure is created in the case, the fans work for wear, and there is, of course, no benefit.
  • Both coolers blow. This is the most dangerous situation, since a reduced pressure is created in the case, the air circulation is disturbed, and all computer components overheat very quickly.

As you can see, it is very important which side is installed cooler. Turn it over and it will start to blow in the wrong direction. Therefore, it is always necessary to check. Proper installation of the fans in the PC case - the upper rear should blow out the air, and the lower front should blow. Then its circulation will be natural and correct, and the cooling system will work as efficiently as possible. Now you know how to install cooling coolers in the system unit. If you installed them yourself, check their work. If you are just going to do this, do it right away.