Correcting the error "USB device over current status detected"

In some cases, including the computer, the user is faced with the message “USB device over current status detected”, and within 15 seconds the PC turns itself off. Translation of this error is: "Found a USB device that consumes a large amount of current, the system will reboot after 15 seconds." As we understand, the computer restarts due to problems with USB, and the system tries to protect itself from overcurrent. There is no need to panic and immediately climb into the system unit - let's figure out what can be done to solve the problem.

Features of the “USB device over current status detected” error correction.

Causes of error and methods of correction

There can be several reasons for this problem. But, for a start, let's consider the most banal reason. So, if you didn’t change the case, didn’t dig into the system unit, didn’t clean it and didn’t do anything with the computer at all, and the inscription suddenly appeared - the problem is connected via USB channel devices. This can happen especially if you have connected some device that has not been previously used.

TIP. USB devices also include a mouse, keyboard, and even a regular cable.

In addition, an error may occur if any of the devices has been subjected to mechanical stress (for example, liquid has entered the USB keyboard). Therefore, the first thing to do is to disconnect all devices by turning off the computer. Press the power button and see if the error "USB device over current status detected" disappeared.

IMPORTANT. Pay attention to the error, if it appears again - it may be a different message. For example, what is missing a keyboard.

Next, we try to find the problem device, connecting everything in turn. Do not forget to turn off the computer every time. Having found the device causing the error, simply turn it off and do not use it in the future. You can double-check the health of the device on another computer. Infrequently, but still it is sometimes possible to solve the problem by simply swapping the system unit. This is true in cases where before the error you moved the computer and put it too close to any metal objects (heater, metal battery, etc.). If none of the above has helped, proceed to more problematic situations.

Special cases of malfunction

The next common cause can be damaged USB connectors. This is especially true for the ports on the front panel of the system unit. The problem may lie in them, even if outwardly they are all right, and you rarely connect a USB flash drive to them. We try to solve the problem in this way: disconnect the computer from the network, open the case and disconnect the cables of the front connectors from the motherboard (they are called F_USB, USB1112). Turn on the PC and see if it helped. If not, go ahead.

Often, the inscription “USB device over current status detected” appears due to a disabled or plugged USB power jumper, especially if you recently changed or repaired something in the case itself. Simple dusting is also often the cause. Jumpers are located next to the connectors themselves (signed as USB_PWR or USB POWER). Check if they are installed. If not, install; if so, try reinstalling them so that the first two contacts are closed, not 2 and 3. It is rare to reset the BIOS as one of the solutions to the problem. Especially if updates were installed immediately prior to the occurrence of the problem.

Nothing helped

In cases where none of the above methods gave results, the problem is much more serious and indicates a mechanical failure of one of the components of the system unit. The problem may be:

  • motherboard;
  • power supply;
  • main USB connectors.

In this case, it is unlikely that the problem can be solved independently, since each of these elements needs professional diagnostics and repair.