Ways to open files with the part file extension

The part file is just an incomplete download from the Internet. To be able to use the file, you must complete the download, after which its extension will change to necessary.

Ways to open a file with the PART extension.

What is the part file format for?

The PART extension is used specifically to integrate the bootloader into all available applications. With it, you can download a large document at any convenient time. The reasons may be an unexpectedly interrupted connection to the Internet, problems with powering the PC, or simply the need to transfer a huge file to another computer — you can open it with one of the supported programs and complete the operation on another hard disk.

Features of the opening format part

How to open a part file? Unfortunately, it will not be possible to extract any data from such a document until it is downloaded. On the other hand, the use of a common format opens up the possibility of resuming on other computers and using other utilities.

Programs to open part files

What is open part? There is a lot of software on the Internet that easily downloads documents with the PART extension. Consider a few of the most popular programs.

Go! Zilla

Go! Zilla has long been a well-known and respected program for effective downloading from the Internet. The program contains many options that allow you to freely customize downloaded documents. If you just install and run Go! Zilla, you will probably speed up the download, but it is worth spending some time and set up the program to fit your needs. Just click the link on the webpage and Go! Zilla will begin the save procedure. There are other ways:

  1. Manually.

Go to the list, add the file and enter the URL where it is located. You can also add a short description - despite the first impression, this option is very useful if you upload a large number of small documents with similar names. You can also enter the address manually by pressing the Ins key.

  1. Through the clipboard.

Go! Zilla can monitor the status of the clipboard and start saving when a URL appears there. How to place the address in the clipboard directly from the browser? You can select it with the mouse and copy (Ctrl + C), but it's easier to right-click at the address and select "Copy." After copying the hyperlink, go to the program window and use the key combination Ctrl + V to add it to the download list. For archival data, you can choose the degree of compression.

  1. Drag and Drop.

You can also use the drag and drop technique to start saving. Simply select the link in the browser, drag it onto the Go! Zilla icon and wait for the operation to complete.

  1. Integration.

This is the most commonly used method, but it does not mean that it is the best. If you check the “Auto” checkbox on the “Browser Integration” item, just click the link and Go! Zilla will automatically start downloading. To use another bootloader, or if you don’t need to download the document yet, hold it down while pressing the Alt key.

You can set the download to any convenient for you day and time! To set these options, you first need to select the files that will be downloaded. After that, you can go to the “Set download time” window - select File / Schedule. Now you can choose the year, month and day when you want to start the procedure.

IMPORTANT. Go! Zilla does not verify the correctness of the selected date. If you choose, for example, last Friday, the file download will start immediately!


FlashGet is an extremely useful download manager, which is especially useful for those who are used to downloading a large amount of software. This highly advanced program can do a lot of work, almost even assume the entire role of the loader from beginning to end. It is especially worth highlighting the possibility of resuming documents with the PART extension - with the help of such a function, you can divide the download of a large file (for example, video or game image) into several stages. To add the PART format to the list of downloads, simply double-click it and the download will be added automatically (only works if FlashGet is installed as the default bootloader - otherwise, first select the file with the right mouse button, then go to the "open with "And select FlashGet from the list).

You can also pause, restart and resume downloads according to your needs. The process becomes much simpler and more pleasant if you do it with the help of FlashGet, in addition, the tool can download several files at the same time, saving you time. Another interesting feature of this excellent program is that it allows you to manage downloaded files so that you can quickly and efficiently find the right document.

You can divide files into different categories, such as music, movies, and software. For more efficient file sorting, you can create your own categories. FlashGet allows you to get faster download speeds, which means that you will download more data in less time. This is a great solution for anyone who regularly downloads large amounts of data from the Internet. In addition, FlashGet also supports data compatible with eMule and BitTorrent. It can be configured to monitor the clipboard and the system browser to detect the downloaded data, can work with the Firefox browser as a separate plugin.

Mozilla firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the second most popular surfing app in the world. Its main advantages are speed and simplicity, support for plug-ins and skins that allow you to customize the browser to suit your needs. The program has a built-in download manager, spell checking, anti-phishing features, etc.

Also one of the main advantages of the browser is the ability to upload files with the PART extension. If you have already established a browser connection with such documents, simply double-click on the PART file, and the download will continue automatically. You can also use the program interface - open the main program menu in the upper right corner (three horizontal bars), select “Open file” and specify the path to your PART document.

What else can cause problems with the file?

If the part does not open and the download does not continue, most likely the link is no longer valid and the file has been deleted from the server where it was stored. Another common problem can be the banal absence of the Internet - check the connection and all settings. The next problem may be a lack of free disk space - check the availability of disk space where the document is stored. There may be more serious problems, such as violation of the stability of the system or virus infection. If there are such suspicions, it is better to seek help from specialists - you may need to reinstall Windows.