What to do if iTunes does not start

If you do not start Aytüns, then you should not panic. This is a common problem encountered by many users. The causes of its occurrence may be completely different. On the various ways to address this issue and will be discussed in our article.

Ways to troubleshoot running iTunes

Recommendation 1

Change the screen resolution. If in the settings of your OS (Windows 7, 8) the screen resolution is incorrectly configured, then it is possible that iTunes will not start because of this. To exit this position, right-click on an empty part of the desktop. In the menu that opens, go to the Settings screen.

On the new page, go to the Advanced display settings.

Under Resolution, select the largest value. Do not forget to save the new settings.

Recommendation 2

Reinstall iTunes. ITunes may not have started due to downloading an outdated version of the program or incorrect installation process. In this case, to begin with, completely remove the application from the computer (for more information about this you can read in another article). After completing this process, restart the PC. After that, go to the official developer site and download the program (for Windows 7, 10, etc.).

Recommendation 3

Clear the QuickTime folder. If your player has this player, then the problem may be hidden in the conflict of any plug-ins with QuickTime. You should not delete this player, as this will not solve the problem. You should go to the C System32 Windows Disk. If you see a folder called QuickTime, delete it and everything that is in it. After that, restart the PC.

Recommendation 4

Clean corrupt configuration files. Usually this problem occurs after installing a new version of the application. Go to the control panel. Navigate to the Explorer Options.

Go to the View tab. Scroll through the page to the end, tick the option Show hidden files, etc. Do not forget to save innovations.

Next, go to My Computer. Navigate to the following address: C: \ ProgramData \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ SC Info. In this folder, delete the files SC Info.sidb and SC Info.sidd. Restart the system.

Recommendation 5

Remove viruses. Sometimes the reason why iTunes doesn’t run on your computer may be the presence of virus software in the system. To do this, you should carefully check Windows for viruses. If the program detects them, remove them immediately. After this process is complete, restart the PC. There is a possibility that you will have to re-install ITuns, since antivirus check could disrupt its operation.

Recommendation 6

Install the current version. This problem is most often faced by users with very old versions of the OS, including Windows XP. This is due to the fact that Apple has stopped releasing iTyuns for older operating systems. Even if you managed to download it, then when you start iTunes will not respond. To get out of this situation, complete the removal of the old version (read about it in our other article) and download the necessary version from the link.

Recommendation 7

Install the Microsoft.net Framework. If Error 7 appears on the screen when you start the application, this indicates that your PC is not okay with the Microsoft.net Framework component. To resolve this error, download this component by reference. Usually after this “update” everything starts working.

Usually these recommendations help in solving the problem. But if nothing helped you troubleshoot, contact iTunes support. We would be grateful if you write your recommendation in the comments under this article.