Installing games on PS Vita

PS Vita - an indispensable thing on the road. This portable device from Sony allows you to quickly pass the time for your favorite game. The console features a large touch screen, which provides full control over the gameplay due to the high precision of the touch panel. In this article, we'll figure out how to install games on PS Vita.

There are several ways to install PS Vita games.

There are two main ways to install games: directly from the official store or by downloading to your card.

Your portable PS Vita console allows you to purchase and download applications, various game add-ons and many different programs. This helps us a special store Sony - PlayStation®Store. And it is not necessary to pay the full amount for exploring the new application: there are free trial versions of toys and trailers that can be obtained without payment.

Downloading games from PlayStation®Store

We give some basic information needed to download programs on PS Vita:

  • Downloading software from the Sony store is permitted only in the region where you live. This region is specified in the settings when registering an account.
  • To download the necessary applications, you will definitely need a memory card.
  • When downloading some applications, the system may require a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet.
  • You can not select the resolution of the videos when downloading. Videos on your console are downloaded exclusively in one resolution - SD.
  • There are certain deadlines for the use of downloaded files, which are installed by the developers for each specific application.
  • To purchase certain programs, authorization is required in PlayStation®Plus.

Install the game. Step-by-step instruction

  1. Open PlayStation®Store and select your favorite program.
  2. In the window with the application, you can select several items: download;
  • get it now;
  • buy immediately;
  • "to rent".
  1. Selecting either of the first two items will start the download. If you click "Buy Now" or "Rent", the payment confirmation window will pop up.

  2. In the window that opens, check the information and confirm the payment by clicking "Order and payment".
  3. When the payment passes, the system will start downloading the application by itself. You can check the download progress by pressing the PS button and displaying current notifications in the upper right corner of the display.

You can view all the data about the cash transactions and application downloads on the PlayStation®Store page. Updating information about the program and updating versions are downloaded when it starts. To open it, select the icon in the LiveArea ™ main screen and click Run.

TIP. The Sony store system offers the option to set a password for making a payment. By default, this is the same password that is required for authorization in the store. To install it, click "Options", then "Manage Transactions", select "Security" and check the box "Require a password at purchase."

If you paid for the download of the application, then there is a limit on the number of devices to use it. This number may be different for different applications. When too many devices use a paid application, the system will block entry. In this case, you will have to deactivate one of the devices, and you must deactivate it directly from this device.

Sometimes it is necessary to re-download programs. To start the re-download process, click “Options”, then “Download List”, find the desired program in the list and click “Download”.

We start the game from the PS Vita card

  1. First of all, insert our map into a portable console - the icon of our game is displayed in the main screen.
  2. Click on the icon of the game we need. A LiveArea ™ window pops up.
  3. Click on "Run" - the game turns on.

If you need to pause the game for a short time and reopen LiveArea ™, press the PS button. Resume the game will turn out by selecting "Continue" in the main LiveArea ™ window.

To exit the application, again press the PS button. Back in the main LiveArea ™ window, drag the window aside. The program is completed, but its icon will still be displayed on the main screen of the device, even after deleting the card. However, if you try to start a game without a card, the LiveArea ™ window will open, but the program will not turn on.

Start the game with the Henkaku emulator

There is an alternative way to download programs. This method involves bypassing the rules of the system and free use of software without contacting the Sony store.

  • Games on the PlayStation Vita are divided into two types according to the archiving method.
  • The game is completely enclosed in a file with the extension .vpk
IMPORTANT. Information about the game is packed into a .vpk file that requires installation, and the toy itself is in the folder that you want to copy to our device.

The process of installing games through the emulator can be divided into the following steps:

  • installation HENkaku;
  • launch molecularShell;
  • copying the program archive and its installation.

How to put Henkaku

  1. We go to the site Henkaku official site // through the browser of our console.
  2. Install the application by clicking "Install". A window should appear with a notification about the application data.

  3. The application is downloaded automatically. After the download is complete, a new molecularShell program icon will appear - open it and in the appeared window press Select
  4. On your computer, open the FTP management program. If not, download FileZilla. Through the installed FTP server on your computer, open your console, find the “ux0:” directory and copy the offlineInstaller.vpk file from “PSVita_hackpack \ PS Vita Apps \ HENkaku” into it.
  5. In VitaShell, close FTP by clicking “O”, go to the “ux0:” directory and install the copied offlineInstaller.vpk. When installing, the message about access rights may pop up - click on “X” to close the window. Next, exit VitaShell and run the newly installed offlineInstaller.
  6. Reboot the console, disable Wi-Fi. Open the Email application, reject the offer to turn on Wi-Fi, if it appears. Next, you need to select the profile HENkaku Offline, open incoming messages and select the very first message from the list - this will start the work Molecule.
  7. Actually, the installation process is complete. You can turn on Wi-Fi. Start HENkaku get both through the browser and through the program Email. However, when using Email, you should always turn off the Internet.
IMPORTANT. HENkaku shuts down along with shutting down the console, that is, every time you start PS Vita, you must launch the Henkaku installation using a browser or Email program.


PS Vita - an indispensable tool for long trips, able to allay the boredom. With a portable console, your favorite games are always at hand. Downloading games to the console involves downloading them from the official PlayStation®Store store, but there are methods to use the games for free. This method is to install the Henkaku emulator. This method is effective, but rather complicated and time consuming every time you start the console.

So it’s up to you to decide what is more acceptable for you: pay and use the game on different devices officially or cheat and spend a lot of time to use the programs for free.