Choosing a mouse pad

In the 21st century computers are everywhere. Study, work and leisure have merged with them. Most of the time we spend behind the monitor, which means we must make every effort to ensure that these hours are spent comfortably. A good mouse pad can help in this. How to make the right choice with such an abundance in the market? Tell you.

Although the rug is not required, attention should also be paid to the selection of this accessory.


One of the important aspects in choosing a mouse pad is the material from which it is made. The price, usability and durability depend on the quality of the material. What is the best material?


Rugs of this type are the most common on the market. They are a thin layer of flexible plastic and a small substrate of low-quality rubber. A bright picture is the only thing that can attract a buyer, but it will also fade quickly. They are very short-lived - after some time, the plastic begins to peel off from the substrate, which makes it very difficult to use the mouse comfortably. The only advantage is the low price of the product. The best choice for office workers.

Plastic coating can often be found in offices


Mouse pads of the lower price segment look like a piece of chipboard or pressed bottle caps. They have all the same disadvantages as plastic mats, and also guarantee callosities on the wrists. We recommend that you avoid them in every way.

Cork product is very budget.

Glass and Aluminum

Rugs from this category you will not see on the counter of small computer stores. They are intended exclusively for people whose life is closely connected with the gaming industry. Mice slide on them quickly and accurately. They are the most durable, but always cold - which can cause some discomfort during tactile contact. As a result, they are suitable only for fans of computer games who are ready to pay decent money. For users who are far from games, it will be better to consider alternatives.

Looks stylish, right?

Gel (silicone)

We should also talk about silicone mats. They are soft and plastic, tight to the table. Most with a pleasant to the touch surface, which, unfortunately, quickly get dirty. Suitable for everyday use.

Shape and size

After you decide on the material that is optimal for you - you should think about choosing the shape and size of the rug.

Square (rectangular)

Occurs everywhere. The rectangular shape is convenient and practical. The size of such a rug varies from a small rectangle to the playing surface, which can occupy most of the table.


Type of rugs "on the fan". They lose in convenience rectangular, as due to the shape of the circle decreases the area of ​​the working surface.

Silicone pillow mats

An indispensable thing for people who spend most of the day at the computer. A soft and at the same time elastic cushion helps keep your hand relaxed and reduces tension on your wrist. The only drawback is fragility, so you should use them carefully and try not to pollute them.

A pillow will help relieve tension from your wrist.


This item is included in the article only for the reason that we would like to emphasize once again the diversity of available products. The rug can be chosen for every taste, and a particularly picky user can make to order from the preferred material (for example, from genuine leather). Lovers of play with comfort are also given a large selection. There are models divided into regions, with varying degrees of sensitivity for different genres of games.

On this, our article comes to an end. Which mat to choose is up to you. We only hope that the information was useful and helped to make the right choice.