Powerful gaming computer: the best components for self-assembly of PCs in the ratio of price and quality

Computer devices, although they have recently become available to every consumer, are available in almost every home, are classified as far from affordable prices, especially if the device’s intended, operational purpose is gaming. Often the choice of a complete PC for gamers is a practically unrealistic task, due to the discrepancy between the consumer product and game demands presented in the market assortment of goods, against the background of unreasonable, unprofitable price policy and technical characteristics of the laptop. Such a precedent often makes gamers look for practical solutions for choosing a powerful PC, one of the most cost-effective, among which is the selection of components, according to the subjective requirements for a computer device, followed by self-assembly of the laptop. This option can not be attributed to democratic solutions, however, it is much cheaper than buying a PC in the collection, especially since the characteristics of the device will meet the needs of the owner. Consider the features of the choice of components that determine the functionality of a laptop, with a priority to receive as a result of a powerful gaming computer device that can cope with modern gaming tasks.

Collect powerful PC by yourself.

Specifying cash investments and PC permissions

When it is necessary to assemble a PC, with decent power and affordable cost, the consumer should initially decide what the word “inexpensive” means in his understanding and financial capabilities. The first priority is to clarify the amount that a potential buyer can spend on parts. When specifying the amount, it is also worthwhile to decide whether the funds are provided solely for the purchase of workers, which determine the performance of the PC components, or it will be necessary to purchase additional accessories, such as a monitor, keyboard, manipulator and other peripheral devices.

In the process of determining the budget, you should not forget about the condition of the reproduction of the picture, which in games takes far from the last position: important are the parameters of the monitor with which the PC will be operated. For example, if a consumer has a display with a resolution of 1080 and an average diagonal, then the final amount will be significantly lower than when selecting components that will need to “pull” a large-scale screen with the ability to reproduce realistic and high-quality images. Accordingly, the budget will determine the conditions of choice:

  1. When selecting components that cause smooth performance without “lags” and “brakes”, without focusing on the details of the gaming picture, the user can limit himself to about forty thousand rubles.
  2. If the reproduction of the graphics of the unreal world in real colors is a priority condition, then it will be necessary to acquire parts with more powerful parameters, and accordingly, higher pricing and rank belonging.

Having decided on the budget, which determines the performance of the PC, the user can proceed to the solution of the question of how to assemble a powerful gaming computer inexpensively, starting from the details, the priority characteristics of which are described further.

Specificity of the choice of components

As already mentioned, power and performance are technical parameters that are predetermined by the functional characteristics of the components of the future gaming computer. Naturally, when assembling a multifunctional computer, it is important to build on one's own, subjective preferences, taking into account financial resources, not forgetting the compatibility of details, with actualization of attention to the final possibility of playing the modern-class games with a laptop.

CPU and motherboard

When assembling a computer by hand, the first and key task of the consumer is to determine the type of working platform, which is the processor. At the present time in the field of popular and multi-tasking processors competing two companies - Intel and AMD, whose products are presented in different price categories. In a situation with the need to select a processor for a gaming laptop, professionals recommend to give preference to products from Intel, focusing on the number of cores, which should be at least four to be able to work on modern games without lags and brakes.

With an unlimited budget for the purchase of computer components, experts advise buying models of processors from Intel with a modification of Core I5, or even Core I7, whose productive resources are at the highest level. However, such solutions are far from being democratic in price policy, which necessitates, when deciding how to build an inexpensive but powerful computer, to pay attention to the Core I3 platform model, with the number designation 8100, which is not much inferior in performance to fifth products line of platforms. The model is characterized by excellent technical characteristics, four working cores, the possibility of "overclocking" in normal mode to frequencies with indicators of 3600 megahertz.

Based on the selected processor, the motherboard is selected: the appropriate models are listed on the manufacturer's website, and the key point is the socket. If the socket of the motherboard and the processor do not match, it will be impossible to assemble the computer. Among the budget options that are suitable for the type of processors you can pay attention to the H310 chipset, which, although it does not provide for further operation under the laptop overclocking, however, will fully satisfy the requests of the gamer with the current requirements for playing games. Motherboards of this configuration are made by many developers, however, preference should be given to proven brands, for example, to purchase goods under the brand ASRock, MSI or Gigabyte.

Video card

It is impossible to assemble a powerful gaming PC without buying an additional video card, the main task of which is to display a detailed picture on the monitor, since integrated conditional maps do not cope with the tasks of displaying unrealistic effects typical of games of the modern class. When choosing a video card, you should compare its parameters with the properties of the selected processor: it will be profitable to buy a card, the cost of which, according to the price of the processor, will be about thirty percent higher. With this ratio, the user acquires a card whose rank corresponds to the processor, and accordingly the latter will have the technical capabilities to unleash the potential of the video card.

As an inexpensive, budget version of a video card suitable for assembling a gaming computer with good performance, you can consider the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti model under the Gigabyte brand, which costs thirteen thousand rubles. The model is positioned as one of the best budget video card options, with excellent overclocking and high operating frequency, support for almost all games of the modern category, no overheating due to modification by two fans.


When choosing a memory, the most important point to pay attention to is the compatibility of the parameters of the RAM bar with the type of processor of the computer being assembled. For Intel processor models, the RAM bar must support the DDR4 standard.

The second important aspect of the choice is the amount of memory: the larger it is, the faster the PC will work. Some sources of information prioritize the installation of RAM boards in pairs, or in triples: this solution can significantly improve the performance and performance of a computer device. For example, in the assembled design, two cards of four gigabytes will give a better performance than one bar for eight GB. As for the price, two cards will always be more expensive than one, even if the total volume of the first will be equal in terms of the latter. In this situation, decide for yourself: the priority for you is performance or the opportunity to save.

When you need to build a powerful gaming computer, the key characteristics of the RAM are also the timing parameters, the lower the better, and high-frequency modes of operation. The purchase of goods under the Kingston brand is positioned as the best solution in terms of purchasing slats of RAM. If the variability of choice is very limited by the budget, then you need to pay attention to products from AMD, Samsung or Hynix, which are relatively inexpensive, with decent quality and performance indicators.


Particular problems in assembling a budget computer are the specifics of drive selection. A powerful PC for correct play of games requires a selection of SSD and HDD class drives: the former are responsible for the operational work of the computer, the latter allow, due to a decent volume, to store heavyweight applications without “dulling” the system. In this case, even with the need to assemble a cheap, but productive, gaming computer, experts strongly recommend not to save by buying a set of drives at once, since the PC will not be able to cope with gaming tasks correctly on a single hard drive or operating only on an SSD drive. As a budget option with decent parameters, the following set of drives can be: ADATA Ultimate SU650 model, 240 GB, and Toshiba DT01ACA100 for one terabyte of memory, with a total cost of about five and a half thousand rubles.

Power Supply

When choosing a power supply, it is important to build on the energy consumed by the purchased computer accessories. The video card has the highest criteria for resource consumption, however, and other system components require decent power for correct operation. For example, if a purchased video card consumes 120 watts of energy, then the power of the battery should be at least four hundred watts, and preferably with a margin of five hundred or more conventional units. It is impossible to assemble a powerful computer while installing a weak battery on it, since the unit directly determines the possibility of synchronous, operational work of all PC components. High-quality power supplies are supplied to the component market by manufacturers such as Zalman, Aerocool Corsair and FSP. For example, the model of the Kcas 500W block under the Aerocool brand can be purchased for about three thousand rubles, which is relatively cheap if you analyze the product from the position of price and quality parameters.


When assembling a PC, with a game purpose, you should take care of the high-quality cooling of the system, since the laptop will have to work in an extreme mode, which is fraught with overheating components, followed by their accelerated failure. Standard fans that come with the processor, in this situation, it is better not to give preference. Even an inexpensive fan from a reliable manufacturer, with parameters of two hundred watts, will be able to ensure high-quality and uninterrupted operation of your PC. An excellent choice of a cooler, from the budget category of goods, is the Gammaxx 200T model from Deepcool, costing about eight hundred rubles. If you need a more powerful fan, bulky and quiet, then you can take the model Hyper H412R under the brand Cooler Master, however, its cost starts from about seven hundred thousand rubles and reaches two thousand, depending on the place of sale.


As for the system unit, or the case, this is an element to which the key requirement is capacity, implying the need to install the overall video cards necessary for gaming purposes, as well as determining the place on bulky fan installations, if their purchase is provided for in the budget. Do not forget when selecting the case and the presence of ventilation grilles, as well as their dimensions, which leads to the possibility of unimpeded air circulation. The appearance and color of the case, the convenience of placing the panel with USB connectors are characteristics that have no practical significance, and therefore are chosen according to subjective consumer wishes and preferences. As a budget option, however, a high-quality case can be considered a ZM-T4 model from Zalman for one thousand seven hundred rubles. The Miditower Deluxe DW600 model from ATX, which costs about three thousand rubles, is popular with consumers, however, this case is modified from the factory with a powerful power supply unit, which rationalizes the purchase.


A gaming computer is far from a cheap pleasure, even if self-assembled, through the acquisition of individual components. In order for a PC to have worthy characteristics, it is important to choose components that meet the requirements of modern gaming inquiries, which rationalizes the purchase both in the budget and in the consumer plan. The article gives an example of an inexpensive, however, powerful unit capable of playing modern games on a standard screen with a resolution of 1080. If a gamer has higher requests, then you should think about purchasing a Core 7 processor line, with its addition of an appropriate motherboard properties of the video card, internal and connected memory, which, respectively, will result in a sum that far exceeds the democratic budget.