Top Shell for Android

Gadgets running on the Android OS, are considered, according to statistics, the most purchased and in demand among modern consumers. The priority position of devices is determined by their multifunctionality, ease of use, excellent technical characteristics and the ability to customize the device for personal needs. Few consumers know that in order to be able to customize the device "by itself", providing free and on-line access for the required options and functions in everyday consumption, it is enough to install such a calling launcher on the device. In this article we will tell you what a launcher is, what is the advantage of third-party software, and also consider the best applications of the stipulated assignment of a paid and free category.

Choosing the best launcher for Android.

Launcher: what is it

Before you begin to review the best third-party launchers for gadgets that run on the Android OS, it is important to understand what this kind of software is. When choosing a gadget for yourself, the user often focuses not only on the appearance, brand and technical parameters of the device, but also on the visual design and interface of the device. When choosing a device, a potential buyer must include it in order to familiarize themselves with the interface, the location of icons, programs, settings management capabilities and applications, effects, and many other important features of the device. Often in this situation, the refusal to purchase a device is caused by the "inconvenience" of managing the device, or the unacceptable design of the interface.

In this situation, the “refusal” from the device precisely because of the incorrect visual design of the device is unjustified, since the interaction with the Android device is provided by a launcher, which the user can independently replace by customizing the system to suit his individual preferences. Launcher is a kind of shell system that is responsible for all the special effects, displays, widgets that are on the screen of the device.

The relevance of operating third-party launcher

Each smartphone, operating on Android, is modified by the launcher, installed on it by the developers by default. Accordingly, the questions whether third-party software is needed for the device and why are rhetorical, since, provided that the user is completely satisfied with the factory operating settings of the smartphone, the need to download additional software is not mandatory. The need to download a third-party application occurs when the user feels discomfort when using the device against the background of inconvenient control of the smartphone: if you need to set up several desktops on the device, want to change special effects, provide quick access to the necessary for frequent use of folders, files, notifications and functions, improve the visual appearance of the interface.

To solve all these issues will help download and install third-party software designed to personalize your smartphone, available in the database of Google Play as a free access and for a fee. Often the choice of the best launcher is determined solely by personal priorities, however, when selecting the optimal software, it is important not to discount such application characteristics as utility “weight, stability of work and functional features. We will review the launchers who deserve the title of the best in their class for Android, which will help each user to make the right choice, improve and facilitate their interaction with the existing device.

The best free launchers for Android

Most standard users want to improve their device, however, they are not ready to pay extra money for optimization, functionality and interface improvements, especially since the amounts for these services are not always affordable. For such users there are optimal solutions, which consist in the possibility of using free variations of launchers. Some of them are in great demand, they are not inferior in functionality to their paid "relatives".

Opens the ranking of the best launchers on Android, represented on the World Wide Web in the public domain, the Google Now Launcher shell. This is a simple, however, successful variation of the launcher, used in some modifications of smartphones as a factory utility. Among the advantages of the utility, users call a rigorous, no-nonsense interface, an excellent implementation of the search and settings in the program, against the background of a small amount, which allows the operation of software even on weak and low-power devices. Among the shortcomings of the program can be identified the absence of complementary themes, the permissibility of changing the type of icons, which limits the flexibility of the design of the interface of the gadget.

Confidently included in the list of the best, according to experts and consumers, Launcher from Microsoft. This software has the following strengths:

  1. Having the ability to customize the gesture control.
  2. Attractive execution of widgets, in the form of icons that visually resembles the factory design in the IPhone.
  3. The availability of the function of changing pictures in both automatic and manual mode. The software is modified with unique themes and wallpapers, among which each user will be able to choose an acceptable option for himself.
  4. The presence of the option of scanning QR codes.
  5. Online access to contact information.

Some users have noted that the “tiled” screen design is not very convenient for the negative side of the application, however, this drawback can be considered insignificant against the background of a small amount of utility, stable and multi-range work even on outdated smartphones.

A pleasant, slightly strict interface is characterized by the free software on Android C Launcher, which many users have already given their preference for, is used on an ongoing basis. Among the main advantages of the utility are the possibility of tracking the user's actions with software, followed by automatic analysis of the operations performed and notifying the consumer with contextual prompts that solve the problem of device operation and helps simplify the operation of a smartphone.

As the best launcher in terms of the occupied volume and memory of the device, which affects positively the resources of the gadget, a shell called Solo Launcher is positioned. The choice of this shell will determine for the user the ease of controlling the device, the speed of the system and its stable operation, which is a priority for owners of outdated smartphones. The advantages of the program can also be attributed to its minimal influence on the device interface: some users call this characteristic a negative parameter, however, this opinion is subjective.

Apex Launcher - this is the best launcher on Android, valid for download and use in a free variation. The shell attracted both owners of smartphones and tablets, due to the stunning visualization of the device interface launcher, ease of installation, excellent optimization and large-scale functionality. The launcher is modified by developers with a variety of themes and icons, the ability to customize multiple desktops, with the permissibility of sorting installations and files by date, time, frequency of use. The ability to customize a unique gesture control will simplify the use of the device, and the number of options and functions will satisfy even the most demanding user.

Top paid launchers

Among the paid variations of the shells, the priority position is occupied by the Nova Launcher, which many users position as the best launcher for Android. This utility is also available in a free variation, however, when installing a paid modification, the user will get access to powerful functionality, with enhanced customization capabilities, rich color gamut, with automatic adjustment to the time of day. The impression of the shell is complemented by a wide range of settings, including the possibility of both horizontal and vertical scrolling, gesture control, utility equipment with a mass of chips, excellent animation and the ability to import topics that are interesting to the consumer, permissibility of hiding applications and files that are unnecessary at a certain moment. The intrinsic advantages are perfectly combined with a small effect on the memory size of the device, and the shell is characterized by users as one of the most stable in terms of operation.

One of the most expensive, however, steep, voluminous and animated launchers is, according to experts, the shell Next Launcher 3D Shell. The cost of the application in the premium version is about seventeen dollars, however, for this money the consumer will receive a unique tool to improve the interface of the gadget and simplify working with it, which allows you to include software in the TOP 3 best launchers for Android. You can familiarize yourself with the priorities of the program in the free version called Go Launcher, however, its functionality will be much narrower and less varied. The program is characterized by stable operation, many unique options, quick response to settings and commands, the ability to install multiple screens at the same time and the admissibility of fast switching between them. A great launcher option for lovers of a spectacular, radically new, unique interface.

Another noteworthy user is the Smart Launcher shell, which is allowed to operate in free mode, however, to gain access to all the features and highlights of the software, you should try its paid variation. This shell is perfect for people who prefer creative, bold and innovative solutions. The software differs from the analog cardinally new, improved interface design, offering the consumer a circular display with the ability to quickly access information of interest. Among the advantages of the application, against the background of rich functionality inherent in most launchers, are such functions as sorting the intelligent class, with automatic placement of loaded utilities in the appropriate category, adaptation for adjustment with one hand, personalization and data protection. The program is constantly being improved by developers, complemented by interactive and new features, with a focus on compliance with the progress in the relevant industry, according to current consumer priorities.


It is difficult to advise which of the launchers will be the best for the consumer, since every person, when selecting a software shell for a gadget running on Android, has the right to choose products according to individual requirements, preferences and wishes. The article reviewed the best applications, according to downloads statistics and consumer reviews, however, in order to choose the right software for you, you need to try it out, evaluating the advantages in practice, especially since each of the utilities has a free variation.

When choosing a launcher "for yourself", so as not to be disappointed, compare, before loading the shell, its volume and operational parameters with the technical data of your device, carefully study the advantages and disadvantages of the programs, evaluate the presence of necessary functions in the utility for personal needs. A launcher is an application that should work for you: do not be discouraged if you failed to guess and load a suitable shell from the first time, as there is always an opportunity to fix everything by trying to find the most suitable, convenient, optional and correct option.