MSVCR90.dll error repair

Windows users regularly encounter numerous program errors or crashes in the system, many of which do not present a serious problem and are easily solved even in the absence of special skills. Often, the incorrect operation of applications or games is due to damage or lack of files of dynamically connected libraries, which allow the use of the same functions by different software. Elements with the extension “.dll” are comparable to executable files, therefore, like “.exe” they can contain sections of code, data and resources. When library errors occur, including MSVCR90.dll, normal operation of applications accessing this file is impossible, but the problem has several solutions depending on the cause of the occurrence.

MSVCR90.dll error repair.

What file

MSVCR90.dll is one of the DLL's associated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and ensures the functioning of modern games. The module is related to some functionality and resources, so any damage or lack thereof causes a malfunction, the inability to start the program, etc., which the user is notified of by the corresponding message carrying information about the nature of the error. So, if at some point there appeared an error with the name of the MSVCR90.dll module when working with software, this means that the system cannot correctly load the library file, which can be due to a number of reasons. Since dll elements are common to many applications and are outside the software, this provides more opportunities for software developers, but also makes files vulnerable, so they can often be damaged or deleted.

Causes of error

Various factors can trigger problems with library files. Partially understand what the matter can be from the accompanying failure of the notification, and determining at what point the problem appeared. The most common failure of an application with a message that contains the name of a module with the error MSVCR90.dll appears as a result of the absence of a library file or its damage. It can occur during system startup, shutdown, installation, opening applications, or while using software functionality. The most likely reasons why the MSVCR90.dll error occurred:

  • Damage, deletion of a file as a result of malware activity;
  • Excessive vigilance antivirus;
  • Intentional or accidental damage, deletion of a file by other programs;
  • Library inoperability;
  • The file was not registered;
  • Incorrect update of the system and its components;
  • Erroneous or damaged registry entries associated with the library;
  • System failure (for example, due to incorrect shutdown of the device);
  • Pirated applications, repacks, (in the absence of a digital file signature, they can be deleted or blocked by the system);
  • Incorrect build of the game;
  • Accidental deletion or removal of the file by the user.

We fix the failure of the module

Loss of individual library files or even entire directories is common. Since the component is external, in addition to its ease of use, high risks of occurrence of problems with it are inevitable, and errors of this type are eliminated quite simply. Let us consider several ways to fix the failure of the MSVCR90.dll module, effective depending on the cause of its occurrence. Perhaps as a result of careless actions, you yourself could delete the file, so before taking global measures, it would not be superfluous to look in the basket and restore the object if it is there. It also happens that the dll element is found in the quarantine zone, because anti-virus programs sometimes take library files as pests. So, if excessive vigilance of security software is noticed, you can disable protection before installing the game. With licensed programs, similar problems arise for other reasons.

Virus check

Frequent cause of errors are viruses that have settled on the device without your knowledge and leading their wrecking activities. In addition to scanning with the installed antivirus, it is better to additionally use third-party healing utilities, for example, Dr.Web CureIt and AdwCleaner have proven themselves well. Perhaps the removal of viruses will solve the problem, and if this is not the case, then try other ways.

System Restore

If the error occurred after any changes on the computer, performed by the user or the system (downloading software, updating Windows, drivers and other actions), then the recovery function can help to restore the OS to a state where the failure has not yet occurred. Returning to a restore point does not affect user data.

Registry fix

The MSVCR90.dll error is often the result of incorrect registry entries, such as moving, damaging, or deleting them. It is not recommended to edit the registry manually without the appropriate knowledge and skills, since the wrong actions can cause large-scale damage to the system. To do this, there are special utilities that allow you to scan and fix erroneous records safely, for example, CCleaner.

Replacing the dll file and registering the module

An effective way to solve a problem is to download a library file from a trusted resource and place it in the appropriate folder. So, perform the following actions:

  • First of all, you need to check the version, system capacity (you can find out in the System section of the Control Panel);
  • Download the corresponding Windows library file;
  • Place the copied dll file in the directory C: \ Windows \ System 32 \ (for x32) or C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 \ (for x64);
  • Now the file must be registered, for which we access the Run console, running it as an administrator;
  • In the command line, register regsvr32 msvcr90.dll and press Enter (the command allows you to register the library in the system). When registration is completed, we reboot the device.

Using special software

Third-party software can be used to automate the process of fixing the MSVCR90.dll error, as well as other library-related failures. Applications such as Microsoft Fix It, DLL Suite or DLLKit will scan and if they detect missing or damaged dll files, they will fix the situation by installing the necessary modules.

Scanning System

Diagnostics of Windows OS often solves the problem, for this you need to refer to the “Run” console and enter the “sfc / scannow” command in the line, which allows you to fix the damage to the operating system kernel. When the scan is complete, you will need to restart the computer.

Reinstalling Microsoft Visual C ++

The solution can be the complete removal of the Microsoft Visual C ++ tools package (with cleaning up residual files using CCleaner or others) and the subsequent installation. After uninstalling, you must restart the device, then install the software again.

Most often, the methods listed above solve the problem, in exceptional cases Windows may need to be reinstalled, but this is an extreme measure and it is used mainly in the presence of multiple problems besides the error of the MSVCR90.dll module. Rarely, but it still happens that the failure of the equipment becomes the cause of the failure, so that if the problem cannot be solved by software, it is worth examining the hardware for faults.