Viber application: configuration and methods of work


Viber application is a relatively new software product that works very efficiently on devices based on the Android OS. Anyone who has tried this program at least once, notes its simplicity and accessibility. And this is not surprising, since any modern person values ​​his time and tries to constantly be “in touch” not only with his family and friends, but also with many business partners. Among other typical applications that help set up communication via the global network, Viber can be downloaded and installed in just a few seconds on a computer or phone. After installation, the application will allow you to make calls completely free of charge, not to mention the correspondence, over vast distances, even when people are in different countries.

The big popularity and growing popularity of Viber is due to the fact that even a child can learn how to use the application. You should not neglect the good quality of communication, the subscriber can not only call his interlocutor, but also carry out active correspondence, instantly sending, with a stable Internet connection, text messages, pictures and photos.

Name meaning

So, before you know what Viber is and how to use it, you should understand the meaning of the name of this program. In fact, many users, without knowing it and calling the application "Vayber", are somewhat mistaken. Although, for the sake of truth, it is advisable to note that the part of the population that is used to call Viber "Viber" is also not right. According to the phonetic features of the English language, Viber should be pronounced as “VibER”, which is why most Russians and users from other foreign countries call this the program communicator.

However, the developers of Viber are non-American citizens. The creators of the application presented him with the Danish name of a little songbird, a chibis, which is pronounced “vibe”, where the stress falls on the first consonant.

Two programmers linker, who led the project to create the application, worked in Minsk, although they themselves were citizens of Israel. After a successful demonstration in 2014, intellectual property became the property of one of the prestigious Japanese firms. Today, Viber is a product that is actively “absorbed” by a modernized globalized society.

Application installed on the computer

Usually, when a user wants to figure out what Viber is and how to use it, it pre-installs it not on a computer, but on a phone or tablet. Some do not even suspect that the developers have provided a program that can be installed on a stationary computer or laptop. Through the electronic communicator, you can use voice and text messages, share photos, pictures and funny stickers with friends.

As practice shows, Viber is not inferior to the world famous Skype, especially since it functions several times better on mobile devices, providing good sound quality during direct communication.

However, it will not be entirely right to put Viber and Skype on one level, since the first one can only establish voice communication and correspondence, while the second one has the advantage of providing everyone who wants modern and very affordable video communication.

It is quite simple to install Viber on a computer, the user should acquire only a software product that can be downloaded from the official developer’s website, and equip with a smartphone based on Android OS. The downloaded electronic communicator automatically generates a unique code, which can be confirmed using a smartphone.

The advantage of a software communicator is that by communicating through a computer, the user can leave at any time, taking a mobile device with him, since all incoming messages will be duplicated and displayed on the screen of a smartphone operating on the Android OS.

Distinctive features of Viber installed on the phone

For those who do not yet know what Viber is and how to use it, and also doubts whether the application will work with maximum efficiency on a Chinese or American smartphone, you should know that Viber can be installed on almost all mobile gadgets, regardless of what OS is installed on them. The developers have created a flexible system that allows Viber to be combined with the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Only on the easiest ordinary phone to install this application is not yet possible, since there it will not be able to function.

Potential consumers prefer Viber to other typical programs due to the fact that they receive:

  • high-quality voice communication, devoid of long delays and unpleasant "croaking" sounds;
  • the opportunity to call friends or partners living in other countries of the world for free;
  • economical consumption of the phone battery;
  • simple, clear to any subscriber interface that does not require additional skills;
  • saving personal time that could be spent on authorization to enter the system.

All these aspects help to understand what Viber is, quickly learn how to use it, and later be happy to accept the advantages that this application gives. A user who actively tries to dispose of Viber in everyday life will be able to understand why he is gaining popularity so quickly, which is comparable even to Skype.

Downloading the program file

Before installing Viber on a phone or computer, you need to download it, it is advisable to remember that Viber is a free electronic communicator that is freely available for everyone.

You can save and install it after a virtual visit to a specialized store, where you can find exactly the version of the product that will be optimal for each specific OS. Despite the fact that the original electronic communicator was designed only for iPhone-based devices, it was eventually adapted to the Android OS installed on most modern smartphones.

Application Usage

In order to figure out what Viber is and how to use it, it does not take too much time. After the subscriber manages to save and install Viber, he will need only a few minutes to understand the principle of its operation. An ultramodern, maximally adapted application does not require additional preliminary training from a potential user.

Attractive, impossibly simplified interface is quite simple. To configure the settings, you only need to specify a personal phone number in a certain field, after which Viber automatically goes through the entire list of contacts, indicating those subscribers who currently own a convenient application. The user will only need to add preferred people to the list and begin to communicate.

Only 2-3 minutes after the program is saved and installed, it will be possible to use it with might and main, in particular, via Wi-Fi or 3G, make international and long-distance calls, send photos and pictures. In addition to all the above features, which are available without additional cash investments, Viber allows you to call directly to phone numbers, however, you will have to pay for this opportunity. The cost of calls is similar to a typical service in Skype.


Along with all the possibilities that all typical communicator applications have, Viber has some very interesting stickers that are funny images. Such pictures can be sent to your interlocutor while chatting or using a simple text message. Through the sticker, you can easily and simply convey emotions to the other party, while making communication more vivid and enjoyable.