Rating of the most popular VPN-applications on Android

Recently, the problem of protecting your Internet connection has become urgent, especially when you are on the road and using a laptop or tablet. And if you use a phone on Android, then you must activate the VPN every time you connect to the Internet! Let's talk about why this is necessary, and then we will discuss the best VPNs for Android phones, consider the selection criteria and define recommendations. Parameters for comparison:

  • Download speed
  • Ease of use on Android.
  • Cost
  • User reviews on Google Play.
  • Jurisdiction.
  • Logging policy.

TOP best VPN for Android.

Why use VPN on Android

Just like the Internet traffic that you send from your home or work computer, the traffic that you send from your phone must be protected. VPN provides this protection. VPN on your Android:

  • Prevents people from spying on your internet connection.
  • Bypasses geo-limitations (especially useful for streaming Netflix).
  • Determines which torrent files can be downloaded without restriction.
  • Keeps your personal data safe.
  • Protects your anonymity online.

At first glance it may seem that there is no need to protect smartphone traffic, but remember that you are sending texts, photos and emails from it. Would you like someone to track them? Electronic Frontier Foundation recommends using a VPN to avoid surveillance even by your Internet provider. The same goes for your mobile data provider for the same reasons. Of course, there are other reasons why you can use a VPN, but these are the most significant. Protected viewing is also essential for streaming, as well as for sending from your phone.

Top VPN Applications for Android Devices

We will limit our list of fast, reliable and secure VPN services for Android to the most popular and stable programs, most of which are distributed exclusively on a paid basis.

NordVPN - Most VPN Servers with Different IP Addresses

NordVPN is the leader in each category, but among VPNs on Android, it stands out for surprisingly high user reviews: the NordVPN app got 4.3 points on Google Play, one of the highest ratings to date.

  • Best VPN for Android (NordVPN).
  • Speed: 74.15 Mbit / s.
  • User Rating (Google Store): 4.3 / 5.0.
  • Cost: $ 2.99 / month.
  • Logging policy: no.
  • Netflix: works
  • Torrenting: torrent allowed.

In addition to one-click access to over 5, 000 servers in 62 countries, the application also has a built-in ad blocker so that you can browse the Internet more freely and use less data. All you have to do is tell NordVPN where you want to connect, and you will immediately be connected to their network. Developers offer a free seven-day trial, so you can test the application on Android and determine if it suits you. If not, simply cancel the service. With high rates of speed (74 Mbit / s with possible 100 Mbit / s), standard encryption and a staggering number of servers, more is not needed. This is not the easiest way to get anonymity, but it is fast enough compared to everything you do from your phone.

Another great feature is the ultra-secure Double VPN from NordVPN. It routes your traffic through two VPN servers instead of one to encrypt content twice. This feature can slow down your connection, but if you need to be absolutely sure that no one knows what you are doing on the Internet, you can safely trust Double VPN. Thanks to a very affordable pricing structure, the application becomes the leader among such services. When you sign up for the two-year plan, NordVPN will cost $ 2.99 per month. This is one of the cheapest services on our list.

ExpressVPN - best for security and fast connections.

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest providers, providing download speeds of more than 83 Mbit / s with possible 100 Mbit / s. Despite the fact that the speed of Android strongly depends on your phone and connection, you can be sure that with ExpressVPN you will reach the highest possible performance.

  • Speed: 83.15 Mbit / s.
  • User Rating (Google Store): 4.1 / 5.0.
  • Cost: $ 6.67 / month.
  • Logging policy: no.
  • Netflix: works.
  • Torrenting: torrent allowed.

The application works with different versions of Android, starting with the latest version and up to Jelly Bean. Even if you are using an older version of Android, your VPN will work and be secure. One of the top features included in ExpressVPN is the recommended layout. As soon as you launch the application, it will recommend you servers depending on where you get the best connections. With one touch you can connect to servers around the world. You can also save your favorite servers for quick access. The application by default uses OpenVPN - the most secure VPN protocol. Also credible rating 4.1. The only criterion where ExpressVPN is noticeably inferior to its competitors is the price. When paying for the year, the cost will be $ 8.32 per month. When paying for 15 months - 6.67 dollars per month. This is one of the most expensive third-party VPNs. In this case, if you are an active user of the network, the price will be fully justified.

CyberGhost - cheap VPN for streaming to Android

Despite the average download speed, CyberGhost provides an excellent VPN for your Android device. If you are satisfied with a slower speed than NordVPN or ExpressVPN, then you should definitely download this particular application.

  • Speed: 51.10 Mbit / s.
  • User Rating (Google Store): 4.3 / 5.0.
  • Jurisdiction: Romania.
  • Cost: $ 2.75 / month
  • Netflix: works.
  • Torrenting: torrent allowed.

One of the main advantages of CyberGhost is its low cost. If you register for 3 years, the monthly fee will be $ 2.75. 18 months subscription - $ 49.50. Developers use the standard VPN protocol (OpenVPN), as well as 256-bit AES encryption. In addition, the program has everything you expect from a high-end Android application:

  • Simple server selection.
  • Simple on and off.
  • Ability to mark specific servers as favorites.
  • Recommendations for the fastest server regarding the current location.

Also encouraging is the 4.3 rating in the Google Play Store - this is one of the highest among Android VPN ratings. The annual plan provides for payment of $ 5.00 per month, which roughly corresponds to the average price of a VPN. It is relatively not expensive. The only thing CyberGhost inferior to NordVPN is the price. You can test mobile VPN with 1 GB of data and determine how the program works in your region.

Private Internet Access - the most flexible VPN on Android

PIA is known for its high speeds. It provides 81% of the connection speed at 100 Mbps on a PC - one of the highest rates. Therefore, if you are looking for the fastest VPN for Android, you should try Private Internet Access.

  • Speed: 81.46 Mbit / s.
  • User Rating (Google Store): 4.0 / 5.0.
  • Jurisdiction: United States.
  • Cost: $ 2.91 / month.
  • Netflix: not working.
  • Torrenting: allowed.

The application has a rating of 4.0 in the Play Store. Most users have a simple connection, automatic server recommendations, VPN rules for each application, and ad blocking. PIA has more than 3000 servers - one of the highest rates among similar applications. In any country there is always a server that will not be overloaded with traffic. Among the main advantages is the availability - a two-year subscription can be issued for $ 3 per month.

TunnelBear - the best rating on Google Play

TunnelBear has a rating of 4.4 in the Play Store, one of the highest for paid VPN.

  • Speed: 52.26 Mbit / s.
  • User Rating (Google Store): 4.4.
  • Jurisdiction: Canada.
  • Cost: $ 5.00 / month.
  • Netflix: not working.
  • Torrent: no information.

Using the application is quite nice. Like everything else made by TunnelBear, it is filled with funny graphics and cute bears. Whatever it was, but if the application is simple and pleasant to use, you are more likely to leave it. The VPN itself is also very convenient and functional. Android, unlike iOS, uses OpenVPN 256-bit encryption, which means that your traffic is fully protected. This is not the fastest VPN (52 Mbit / s with 100 Mbit / s connection), but it is stable and reliable. An additional advantage is the lack of registration. The subscription price starts at $ 5.00 per month and is paid annually. This is one of the cheapest apps available on the Play Store. To test the program and its functionality is available free plan. At the same time, traffic is limited to 500 MB, which is quite enough for a full-fledged check of the serviceability of the service.

VyprVPN - the perfect combination of speed and security.

Swiss VPN provider VyprVPN offers a great solution for Android devices. The application is extremely well optimized and offers several protocols, including OpenVPN, L2TP / IPsec, PPTP and Chameleon, the latter being an individual solution of the company.

  • Number of servers: 700+.
  • Server location: 70+.
  • IP addresses: 200000+.
  • Maximum number of supported devices: 3-5.
  • 12 months - $ 5 / month., 1 month - $ 9.95 / month.

The main advantages of the program:

  • Intuitive interface.
  • Off button
  • Automatic connection for unreliable network.
  • DNS options.
  • Switching protocol.
  • URL filtering.

And many others. In general, the speed and performance of the program are impressive.

IPVanish - the fastest VPN for Android

The IPVanish application comes with non-standard (but pretty good) options, such as entanglement or split tunneling. Unfortunately, there is no switch in it - a standard feature that instantly disables the Internet connection in the event of a VPN crash (to prevent your true IP address from being revealed).

  • Number of servers: 1100+.
  • Server location: 60+.
  • IP Addresses: 40000+.
  • The maximum number of supported devices: 10.
  • 12 months - $ 6.49 / month., 3 months - $ 8.99 / month., 1 month - $ 10 / month.

Advantages of the application:

  • Unusual additions.
  • Impressive performance.


  • Cost
  • No power switch.
  • No free trial.

The most significant drawback is the price that pushes users away. There is no free trial, although the three plans available come with a 7-day money back guarantee. The best and most popular choice is the annual subscription. IPVanish Subscription Options:

  • The 12-month plan is $ 6.49 per month (total cost $ 77.88).
  • Plan for 3 months - $ 8.99 per month (total cost $ 26.97).
  • Plan for 1 month - 10 dollars per month (total cost 10 dollars).

All deficiencies are offset by impressive loading speeds achieved during testing. In addition, there is no registration of user activity, plus you get 256-bit AES encryption with the OpenVPN protocol, as well as round-the-clock customer support.

F-Secure Freedome

F-Secure Freedome VPN is a late addition to the list of VPN services, and its strengths very well match the Android format. This is an elegant, attractive client that can be activated by pressing just one button. The company also offers a free five-day trial, so that you can experience its most powerful advantage — ease of use. Unfortunately, the user-friendly F-Secure client interface is the only way the program got into this rating. The exception is the built-in anti-virus scanner. This basic functionality is suitable for most modern users. It is also important to note that F-Secure Freedome has a smaller number of servers, which are mainly located in Europe and North America, which is especially important for those who live in more remote areas of the world.


  • One of the most convenient VPNs, works great on Android.
  • Built-in virus scanner.
  • Pricing starts at $ 4.50 / month.


  • A limited number of servers can reduce performance.
  • Lack of features and settings.

F-Secure Freedome offers only annual subscriptions, but you can choose how many devices you would like to use with one license. Thus, you can control the price by choosing the appropriate option.

Why you should not use free VPN for Android

Most Android users use VPN. But far fewer of them are willing to pay for it. That's why thousands of people use only free VPNs. But experts and developers do not recommend it. Free VPNs have limitations. First, they are often not very reliable. Providers of paid VPNs are unlikely to put free user traffic in priority, so, most likely, you will receive a second-rate service. The same applies to speed. Free VPN for Android simply will not be able to compete with the paid in speed. From a paid provider, you get faster and more stable connections, and it's worth it.

Secondly, free VPN providers still have to make money. And if they don't earn you, they will turn to advertisers. Free VPN providers more often register your information, sell your data to third parties, and display ads while you are online. The collection and sale of your data is a privacy violation. And since privacy is one of the most important basic principles of any VPN, this is quite a significant drawback. For all these reasons, Android always recommends using a paid VPN. Such programs provide a faster and more stable service, with additional and enhanced privacy protection. High competition in the market for such applications makes the cost of popular services available to everyone.

What to consider when choosing a VPN on Android

So what makes VPN on Android stand out? In most cases, these are the same factors that make any VPN good — high speed, no registration (or at least a minimal procedure), and strong encryption for maximum security and privacy. It is also recommended that the main servers are not located in countries where there are strict laws on the supervision and storage of data, such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and most of Western Europe. Some VPNs in these places are trustworthy, but it’s better to have them in softer jurisdictions. Although any decent VPN will have servers all over the world.

A big plus are also simple and clear applications. If it takes a lot of time to figure out how to connect to a VPN, the application will not be in demand. This indicator can compromise security and privacy - the easier it is to access the Internet, the better.

You also need to pay attention to user ratings in the Play Store. If the VPN application has more one- and two-star reviews than others, it is better to skip it. And, of course, the price. Dear VPN is not for everyone, so our list contains only the most accessible ones.

Best VPN on Android at your disposal

All the above applications are the best options for Android users. They will ensure confidentiality, will help circumvent geographical restrictions and will not allow the provider to restrict traffic. And their relative availability does not affect the family budget. If you are not using VPN for Android, you should start doing it right now. Each of the proven applications corresponds to the description and justifies its cost, so choose one of them and go to a safer surfing today!