RivaTuner Statistics Server program: how to install and use it

The program RivaTuner Statistics Server is designed for gamers who want to improve PC performance and at the same time do not harm it. It automates the acceleration and allows you to control the temperature and other indicators so that they do not go off-scale.

How to work with the RivaTuner Statistics Server application.

What it is

The application Rivatuner Statistics Server manages the graphics adapter, allowing you to set the desired user parameters without harm to the equipment - that is what the program is. It works with both NVIDIA and AMD. The interface looks quite simple, all functions are visualized in the form of buttons, scales and levers - this is done so that everyone can work with the application, regardless of knowledge of PCs and devices. At the same time there is a mode for advanced users.

Principle of operation

This program allows you to easily "get" to those functions of the graphics adapter, which is difficult to access, having at hand a standard set of resources. Its options make it possible to monitor the drivers and registry entries. To improve performance, mini-utilities are built into the shell, communicating with the central and graphics processors, and giving them the necessary commands. The program is suitable for all versions of Windows, starting with the 7th and above, and for all known video adapters that are not out of use.

Rivatuner Statistics Server features

When you turn on the game, the program window remains in view, so that you can monitor changes in performance and resource consumption. The application is capable of:

  1. Overclock the graphics adapter while unwinding the fan at the same time to avoid overheating.
  2. Maintain high performance graphics card and CPU, which allows you to comfortably play games and use other resource-intensive software (for example, for animation).
  3. Summarize the performance indicators in different applications and offer visual statistics.
  4. Quickly and conveniently take screenshots and convert them to the desired extension.
  5. Make a video of the screen.
  6. Change the number of frames per second, which is especially important for games where the composition is built from the first person, that is, the player looks at everything as if through the eyes of the character.

Installation and configuration of utilities

The distribution package of the RivaTuner Statistics Server program is not distributed by itself, but together with another productivity application - MSI Afterburner. The latter shows all the data on the internal PC hardware, and the utilities work exclusively in tandem, so you will have to install both. Download the installer on the official website of the developer. After unpacking and launching the boot file, you can simply follow the prompts that appear: select the language, the location of the program, accept the terms of use. First, install MSI Afterburner, and then RivaTuner (depending on the distribution version, they can be placed in different folders of the common archive or installed immediately as a single package). Now let's figure out how to set everything up:

  1. To get started, open MSI Afterburner - on the left, under the big round button you will see some small ones. We need one that shows a cog wheel.
  2. Clicking on it opens another window with several tabs - select Monitoring and in the Active charts section select all the indicators you want to see.
  3. Turn on Show in Overlay on-Screen Display.
  4. Specify the parameters in which your PC hardware should work. It would be better if before this you thoroughly study its capabilities, so as not to set the bar too high.

Parse the configuration of RivaTuner:

  1. Before you use it, you need to find the icon. As a rule, it is located in the lower right corner, where the icon for antivirus, Bluetooth and the Update Center is usually located.
  2. Click on it and open the program window.
  3. Here you can change the frame rate in the game and customize the interface design of the application itself.

Sometimes in “Steam” the RivaTuner window is not displayed over the game. In this case, you need to open RivaTuner, click the plus sign at the bottom right, select the name of the game and rearrange the corresponding slider to the “Enabled” position on the left.

Now let's talk about how to remove the RivaTuner utility if you no longer need it:

  1. Open "Control Panel" - "Add or Remove Programs."
  2. Find the software in the list, select and delete using a special button.
  3. If it is not there, call the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del) and find the executable file of the program.
  4. Click on its name with the right button and look in the "Properties" location.
  5. Navigate to this folder and clear everything related to RivaTuner.

Of course, this program is also deleted along with MSI Afterburner, as it is installed.