OM Customize: what is this software and how to remove it

In any operating system, there are many different components and software that ordinary users simply do not use, and in most cases simply do not see them. In this connection, sometimes, there are situations when this or that software is accidentally noticed by the user and raises a number of reasonable questions regarding its purpose and the possibility of its practical application, and, most importantly, whether it can be removed.

Work with OM Customize application.

What is it and what is it intended for

Immediately it should be noted that there is simply no concrete and confirmed information about OM Customize. This is easily seen: it is enough to try to find information through any available search engine. It is reliably known that “OM Customize” manifests itself on devices (smartphones) from the Korean electronics market giant Samsung. At the same time, Samsung itself completely denies this software, which was repeatedly confirmed in the official English-speaking forums of the company.

Second, all those facing OM Customize pay attention to the following factors:

  • Constantly consumes from 10 to 30 percent of the battery charge (according to the direct participants);
  • Even the stopped service continues to load the battery;
  • It is impossible to remove it by regular means, which many users accept as a sign of its consistency.

But even this information in various situations can be individual in nature, and for someone “OM Customize” is inactive in principle and does not consume any resources, and for someone it causes problems in the operation of the Android operating system.

In addition, there are theories that this software "has roots" from the British company-operator "Vodafone", since the majority of users who have encountered this problem (including from Russia) were or are their clients. Other facts existed in support of this theory, but none of this has so far received substantiated and concrete confirmation.

More plausible is the version that “OM Customize” is one of the many viral products of the developer or manufacturer of the smartphone itself, which comes in a standard system package or appears after updating the operating system. One way or another, as mentioned in the beginning of the article, the “dark horse” remained in this role, because for three years (exactly in 2016, the first cases of excessive battery charge consumption were recorded) failed.

How to disable

“OM Customize” cannot be disabled / removed by regular means, as these items are simply not provided in this case, but there is a means. In practice, an application called Package Disabler Pro, which can be purchased for 229 rubles on Google Play, has been repeatedly tested. This software allows you to disable all Bloatware components of developers without obtaining root-rights. But you need to do this with the utmost care, as disabling important components can lead to disruptions in the operating system and the smartphone as a whole.


The last thing worth noting is that if “OM Customize” doesn’t affect the quality of your mobile device in any way, then think a few times before you personally interfere with the standard Android configuration.