How to create a channel in Yandex.Dzen and how to make money on it

Yandex has launched a computer platform for recommending content use for publishers to create and distribute publications and other materials. The Yandex Zen platform now allows publishers (media companies, content creators and even regular users) to publish their content directly on the platform, providing a new service format. Let's see together how to make money on Yandex.DZen.

Ways of earning in Yandex Zen.

What is the earnings on Yandex Zen

Publishers will be able to use Yandex Zen to create their own channels with text, video and advertising, run media projects and experiment with mobile formats. Companies can use it to share news, promote their brands, distribute marketing materials and use their own advertising to communicate with their customers. For ordinary people, Yandex Zen offers advertising earnings by publishing its posts to a wide audience. The principle of charging funds from scratch is to show advertising. Monetization of your channel in the tape becomes available after meeting certain requirements of the service. One of them - 7000 views per week. After opening the monetization, you will receive a message. In addition to publishing in the Yandex Zen domain, content from the platform will be recommended to those who use the Yandex browser, the Yandex mobile application and their own Yandex homepage. “Think how many great stories have not been told yet, because they cannot reach their target audience. Now artificial intelligence can solve this problem, ”says Viktor Lamburt, head of Yandex Zen. “News from everywhere: journalists report on important events, companies announce their products, bloggers write about everything and everything. Our goal is to give them new tools for posting news and find a grateful audience for each of them. ”

How much can you earn on Yandex Zen

The publishing tool is already used by many popular brands, including Nike, Quiksilver, Vogue, MAXIM, Esquire, the RBC media group, the geographic magazine Vokrug Sveta and many popular Russian video bloggers. The more articles and posts you post, the more views you will get. And that means you can earn more. For every 1000 views of your post, the system pays from 40 to 120 rubles. Remember that the number of users visiting your page directly depends on the content subject, its relevance and uniqueness. That is, to earn on the channel, containing the usual and general news or articles, will not work. To attract the maximum number of visitors, and, therefore, money, share unique, personalized content on a specific narrow topic. Currently, Russia's largest source of traffic for media sites on both desktop and mobile devices, Yandex Zen currently only has a daily audience of 6 million people in Russia and is available in 50 languages ​​and in more than 100 countries. Moreover, the interaction of users of the platform is brought to a fundamentally new level, and the average daily time spent by users on viewing posts and news is 20 minutes.

Where to start, how to create and promote a channel on Yandex Zen

How to create a channel in Zen and start earning? To create your own channel in Zen, you first need to enter it. You can use a Yandex account or a social network account to enter Zen.

What to write about

If you work for a publisher or another company, you can register with Zen and start a channel using a separate Yandex account and share it with your colleagues. You must associate your phone number with your account. This is useful if you need to restore access to your account. Currently, creating a blog on Zen is allowed only to individuals. You can link only one Yandex account with one Zen account. When registering, each channel is automatically assigned a unique URL, which consists of a random set of characters. If you want to change this URL to a simpler one of your choice, contact Zen support. The new URL should match the domain URL as much as possible. It can contain only:

  • Latin characters.
  • Numbers
  • Underscores

You can access the channel settings by clicking the Settings button in the upper left corner of the editor. In the settings you can change the name of the channel, its description, logo and email address where you can receive notifications about events related to the channel.

Logo requirements:

  • Image formats are PNG, JPG, BMP or SVG.
  • Aspect ratio 1: 1 (square).
  • At least 156 pixels wide and 156 pixels high.
  • No animation.

It is desirable (though not necessary) that the logo:

  • Had an opaque background (otherwise the background color can be changed automatically, which can distort the appearance of the logo).
  • There is no text on the image, as when scaling the logo it may become unreadable.

Currently, the feed content and RSS feed messages are matched to Zen independently. You can link your RSS feed by contacting Zen technical support. News from the RSS feed will be sent directly to user feeds. The RSS feed is not displayed in the news feed. However, it increases the traffic to the site and affects the conversion statistics. Posts can be created, edited and deleted in the editor manually. Despite all the targeted keywords and search queries, the results on your search pages are still something that will be interesting to all users. Anyone looking for the same keywords is likely to get the same results, adjusted for a specific geographic location.

What is special about Yandex Zen? To provide search results, he uses AI, or artificial intelligence. This allows Yandex to provide results specifically tailored to each individual user. People visiting the set of content Yandex Zen, their online channel for content in the form of videos, texts, gif and infographics, usually look at a lot more information than originally planned. The reason is simple: with an individual search, they are more likely to receive news from categories that match their preferences. This opens up much more opportunities for content management. Also monetized content is simplified. Yandex Zen extends to several interfaces, such as mobile sites, applications and Yandex browser. Thus, each user will receive certain unique recommendations, including information on the Yandex home page. The only obstacle in this supplement is that Yandex is available only in Russia. But the developers are convinced that in the near future there will be new markets!

How to write articles in Yandex Zen

To make a profit, you need to know how to write articles in Yandex.DZen. The following materials cannot be published in Yandex.Dzen:

  • Alien content under your own brand, such as text, images, videos, etc.
  • Abusive language and defamation.
  • Material containing obscene language.
  • Intentionally false information.
  • Violent materials.
  • Announcements or information about the sale of drugs, weapons or other prohibited items.
  • Material belonging to the category "Medicine and Pharmaceuticals", which:
    • is advertising in nature and / or promotes certain goods and services;
    • contains specific instructions for the dosage of drugs and pharmaceutical products;
    • encourages the reader to apply (use) medical services and pharmaceutical products without consulting a doctor;
    • contains information about the details and sequence of operating procedures and treatment methods;
    • does not contain warnings about the mandatory consultation with a specialist;
  • Spam, including spamdexing.
  • Material published for the sole purpose of forcing a user to click a link to an external site.
  • Headlines that create false expectations about the content of the article (the so-called clickbait).
  • Material containing profanity (including censored language), jargon or colloquialism, which consists of the name of the content, a brief description and a picture or screenshot of the video.
  • Material containing shocking content.
  • Pornography
  • Invalid content describing sexual activities or containing erotic images and videos. Exceptions - educational and scientific materials, as well as works of classical literature.

IMPORTANT! Displaying invalid content is limited automatically, in order not to recommend “adult” content for minors, as well as to anyone who does not want to see erotic content in their Yandex Zen feed.

  • Other content that cannot be submitted in accordance with the Terms of Service.

The channel or source will be automatically limited or blocked if it does not meet the content requirements listed above. If you notice a sharp drop in page views, your content probably does not meet these requirements.

How to promote a channel in Yandex Zen

Zen currently displays messages from two independent sources:

  1. Zen editor. To create posts available built-in publication manager, containing text, images and video. Texts can be formatted. Select the desired fragment, and the formatting panel with available tools will appear on the screen.
  2. Site. Zen analyzes the content of sites and places links to content of interest to users. To make the results more accurate, synchronize your site's RSS feed with Zen. If your site does not have an RSS feed, the robot will analyze the contents of the site directly. However, Zen may mistakenly refer to ads or user profiles.

To go to the monetization, you must reach a figure of 7, 000 readings of articles per week. Posts created in the editor manually, are rated higher than those that were originally published on third-party sites. The publications created in the editor can be edited or deleted. Publications posted on the RSS feed can be edited on the original site. You cannot remove any recommendations from Zen. After your channel becomes popular and will be displayed in users' tapes, you will feel the advantage of monetizing Zen. Zen uses data on user behavior on the Internet to create a recommendation channel, including which users visit sites and how they rate articles and videos.

How to create a second channel

One of the advantages of the service is the possibility of registering several channels on one account. To create a second channel, log in to your Yandex account, and then locate the "Add Channel" button. Follow the prompts of the channel creation wizard and the instructions that appear on the screen.

Pros and cons of earnings in Yandex. Dzen

All the advantages and disadvantages of the service to determine, and even more to describe immediately fail. To do this, you need to place more than a dozen publications, try out all the functions of the platform and determine your average earnings per month. Beginning authors who seek to earn income on the platform, note its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Yandex is famous for its technical support. And Zen is no exception - around-the-clock qualified support service is available to users, which will answer all your questions and help unleash any problems. An extensive help system is also available.
  • Each user can open multiple channels.
  • With the right approach and content management, the first earnings can be received in a couple of weeks.
  • Each post remains in the system. If the relevance of the article and its information content do not lose their power, then it will bring you income for a very long time.
  • To start making money on Yandex. Dzen, you do not need to invest anything - register and start making a profit.
  • You do not need to invest in the promotion or promotion of the channel. All that is required of you is to regularly publish fresh, up-to-date materials.


  • The relevance and informativeness of your materials is determined by their reading. Even if you think you have posted the best content, users may think differently.
  • The service has registered channels of many popular media, online publications and brands. It will be quite difficult to compete with such giants who invest huge amounts of money in promoting their content.
  • The service filters even those materials that seem harmless and informative. Carefully monitor visits to your channel and read up. You may have to change the subject of the channel or the style of presentation of publications.

How to withdraw money

The system offers two ways to withdraw earned funds - via PayPal or Yandex.Money. To order a payment, your account must have a positive balance. There is no minimum limit, but the conclusion can be no more than once a day. Log into your account, go to the "Balance" tab and select "Withdraw funds". Then specify the amount in rubles and the withdrawal method. After processing your application, the funds will go to the specified wallet.

Yandex.Den is a new popular service of a domestic developer that opens up new horizons for those who want to make money on their publications. In this case, you will not only be able to earn money, but also to realize yourself as an author or journalist, photographer or video editor, and also help you find work in a large and promising company. If you already have experience creating topical popular publications that brought you income, share useful tips with our readers in the comments under this article.