“Connection problems or incorrect MMI code” - what is the error and how to fix it

When performing USSD requests, various kinds of errors can occur. Very often there is a situation when, after sending a request, a message appears on the screen “Connection problems or incorrect MMI code”. MMI is the query code used to connect the user and the operator. Sometimes this process fails and you get an error. About how to fix it, we will talk in detail in our article.

The method of correcting the error "Connection problems or incorrect MMI code."

Causes of error

Such a phenomenon can occur in your phone due to its incorrect settings or due to a malfunction of the SIM card. First of all, you should try to fix the problem yourself, but if this was not possible, then it is time to ask for help from the mobile operator. Invalid MMI code can appear when using any operator: MTS, Beeline or Megaphone. The brand of the device also does not affect this process, however, it is noted that on Android devices, in particular from Samsung, this problem occurs more often. However, most likely, this is due to the fact that this brand of gadgets is in great demand.

Invalid MMI code: how to fix

Method 1. Repeat the request. Sometimes when you enter a request, you get an error, but you do not observe any problems with communication. In this case, you should repeat the input after a while, since your operator is most likely to blame for the failure.

Method 2. Turn on flight mode. Flight mode is capable of disabling many features. If there are errors with the connection on your Android, then open the top panel and switch the flight mode to the active position for a few seconds, then turn it off. After this operation, everything should fall into place.

Method 3. Reboot the smartphone. If turning on flight mode did not help you, then after rebooting the device, the connection problem or invalid MMI code can be eliminated. Restart or turn on and off your gadget, then check it for a failure.

Method 4: Change the network type. Modern devices can work with 4G connection. However, not always on Android, it works stably. You can understand this by changing the label next to the stripes of communication. The question arises - what to do? If you encounter such situations, then you need to change the type of network:

  • open Settings.
  • go to "Wireless Networks" - "Mobile Networks" - "Network Type".
  • Select the 3G option, if it does not meet the requirements of your region, then select 2G, then everything can be returned to its proper place.

Check if your queries are working now.

Method 5. Change the SIM card. Sometimes the SIM card is damaged and loses its main function. In this case, you must contact the mobile center for a new card. Contacts that are on your old SIM, and those that have not been saved to the phone memory, will be deleted. If you purchased a new SIM card, but the error occurs again and again, check to the end whether you have placed it in the appropriate slot. You can also get and put the card in place again. You can also check the quality of her work on another smartphone.

Method 6. Put the phone in safe mode. Sometimes third-party applications may affect some processes in the device. To determine whether the "alien" program is to blame or not, you need to go into safe mode. To start, hold the phone off button. Then in the menu that opens, hold your finger on the item "Shutdown". You will see a dialog box informing you that you have entered safe mode. After pressing “OK” your phone will be launched. On it will be only system programs. Therefore, you can determine if third-party software is to blame or not.

If none of the above methods helped you, then you should contact your operator. Most likely, any work is being done on the server.

Hope our article helped you. If you have questions, ask them in the comments.