Top music player for Windows

Modern computers often store terabytes of music that is listened to, if not regularly, then at least periodically. Large volumes of music tracks require systematization, as well as the obligatory presence of a playback tool. The default operating system includes software that recognizes audio formats along with other applications, but the standard integrated player does not always suit users. The reasons for this may be different, most often it is a matter of convenience and the availability of certain options, although it is worth noting that the developers in the latest versions of the OS are paying attention and upgrading the regular player. Third-party audio players have been in demand for many years and are installed on a computer along with other useful programs in the first place, because this is a software from the “must-have” set. You can argue for a long time which tool deserves the title of the best audio player for Windows 10, rather, it will be different for each user. For some, ease of use and minimalism are valuable qualities of the software, while others are important in the variety of functionality and filling with all sorts of additional buns. In choosing the means to play music, our audio player rating for Windows will help, which includes the best music players for your computer. From the collection, everyone will be able to choose the appropriate software for themselves, based on their own preferences.

Select the best music player for Windows.

Top 12 PC Audio Players on Windows

In this ranking, the nominees will not be placed in places, because to do it objectively still does not work, and who will give the palm, you will decide. In addition, each of the players clearly deserves attention.

Windows media player

Let's start with the standard player for the OS family Windows, integrated into each version of the "windows". Few people are content with a regular tool, choosing third-party media players and without even thinking about evaluating the operation of the application, but in vain, because all the shortcomings of Windows Media Player are already in the past. The functionality of today's player and does not compare with its debut on the 98th Windows, since then the player has evolved markedly. Now the built-in Media Player has become a powerful multimedia center with an improved, yet simple and native interface, and its functionality is sufficient for basic tasks. Opportunities:

  • playback of popular audio and video formats;
  • watching TV, FM radio;
  • 10-band equalizer with support for ready-made presets;
  • search filter;
  • sorting, cataloging files;
  • burn files to CD and DVD discs;
  • album covers, adding captions;
  • synchronization with other devices;
  • transfer files to other devices;
  • Play Flip Video and audio files from iTunes;
  • the possibility of acquiring media content online and many other functions.

Jet audio

Popular program for working with audio and video files, capable of performing the functions of playback, conversion and recording on hard and optical discs. Two versions of the program are available for the user - with basic functionality and advanced (for a fee). Besides the fact that Jet Audio works on all Windows from XP to ten, there is also support for mobile platforms. Opportunities:

  • playback of a large number of audio and video formats;
  • 10 or 20 band EQ;
  • Internet radio;
  • a wide range of tools for working with media content;
  • a large collection of sound and visual effects;
  • sound recording, including mixing;
  • work with audio tracks (overlay, use effects);
  • multi-channel audio support;
  • audio and video decoder;
  • Audio CD recording;
  • sound amplification;
  • file conversion to other formats and many other features.


Cult player for music with a long history that began back in 1997. Today, Winamp has become one of the best and most frequently installed players on computers. The old-timer of the software in this category is not going to lose ground in the ratings, being in demand, despite the freezing of the project and the lack of official updates, for many users it was and remains the best. Opportunities:

  • support of most well-known formats;
  • playback of streaming audio and video content;
  • 10-band equalizer, presets for popular music styles;
  • surround sound;
  • work with playlists, creating bookmarks;
  • huge collection of covers;
  • the ability to connect modules;
  • multimedia library for organizing files;
  • file conversion;
  • CD recording;
  • support and edit metadata, as well as many other useful options.


Another popular music player for Windows that competes with Winamp for a dozen years. The authorship of the project belongs to Russian developer Artyom Izmailov, who, as a schoolboy, has already started working on an audio player. AIMP is being improved with each new version and today is a powerful player that operates on its own sound engine. The player is updated regularly and is available for free. Opportunities:

  • playback of 44 audio formats from most popular to exotic;
  • radio stations;
  • 18-band equalizer, ready-made presets;
  • abundance of sound effects;
  • integrated music library that provides cataloging (search, filtering, sorting and other tools);
  • support for smart playlists;
  • bookmarks, play queue;
  • range of covers;
  • ability to work simultaneously with multiple playlists;
  • built-in audio converter;
  • support for multiple interface languages;
  • availability of a portable version that does not require installation.

VLC Media Player

Known to most users of cross-platform VLC media player is no less worthy of the title of “The best music and video player for Windows 10.” It was developed for most operating systems, including mobile, supports almost all known formats, has many built-in codecs and has rich functionality. With all its advantages, the player is also free. Opportunities:

  • support a huge number of audio and video formats, including the most rare;
  • reproduction of damaged or partially downloaded files;
  • broadcasting media content (when broadcasting the player acts as a server);
  • 10-band equalizer, preset presets;
  • a large set of tools for processing media files;
  • video effects;
  • working with subtitles;
  • creating playlists;
  • playback of data from CD / DVD discs;
  • file conversion and other features.

Gom player

Audio and video player GOM Player is also among the best. The program has a convenient settings menu and a nice interface. The player with a large number of embedded codecs reproduces all popular media formats and is in demand among Windows users. Opportunities:

  • support for most audio and video files;
  • playback of incomplete downloaded, damaged files;
  • playback of audio and video from a hard disk, DVD-drive, as well as broadcast media content from the network;
  • subtitle support;
  • work with sound tracks;
  • automatic volume leveling;
  • image adjustment;
  • WinSP DSP module support;
  • bookmarks;
  • the ability to turn off the PC on completion of playback and other options.


A powerful player of audio and video files, originally developed for Windows (now available for MacOS, iOS and Android). The KMPlayer free media combine has a built-in set of codecs and supports 4K, it also has a minimal system resource consumption. Opportunities:

  • support for most audio and video files;
  • playback of incomplete, damaged files, as well as segments of audio;
  • flexible settings;
  • reproduction from archive;
  • audio and video processing;
  • tools to improve the quality of playback;
  • capture audio and video;
  • creating playlists;
  • Winamp plugin support;
  • 2D video conversion into 3D format;
  • DVD playback; Blue-ray discs;
  • range of covers;
  • sleep timer, task scheduler and more.

The developers of KMPlayer revealed to the world a new project called Daum PotPlayer, it adopted the lion's share of the settings, looks like its predecessor, but supports even more formats.

Aero Glass MP3 Player

One of the best audio players for Windows 7 with a simple but interesting interface. The “glass” look of the player captivates with originality and without doubt will please fans of the seven, but if you need a tool with great potential, then this product is not for you. In addition to the unusual style, the player is notable for its concise functionality, here only the necessary options, no frills and bells and whistles. Nevertheless, Aero Glass is valued for its ease and quickness in work. Opportunities:

  • MP3 and ACC format playback;
  • convenient equalizer;
  • adjustment of interface transparency;
  • creating a playlist;
  • displaying thumbnails of open applications with the ability to switch between them;
  • 3D Flip tool gives the effect of minimizing animation programs and volume windows;
  • the option “quick pause”, which allows to stop playback by moving the cursor to the upper left corner.


Deserves attention, not going to "graze the rear", and free media player Foobar2000. It is easy to manage, has a minimalistic interface, no functionality overloaded with unnecessary options, but it is notable for high performance. Opportunities:

  • support for many popular formats;
  • the choice of themes, as well as the creation of your own;
  • extensive customization options;
  • processing large playlists;
  • advanced options by installing additional components;
  • portable mode of operation and other features.


Multifunctional media player that can help owners of large music collections in organizing files. The program provides ample opportunities for systematization, with the help of plug-ins, the player can also process video. The audio player for Windows 10 and other OS versions, which is also a multimedia library, is available in both paid and free versions. Opportunities:

  • support for most audio and video formats;
  • organization and management of multimedia library;
  • audio and video processing;
  • integrated tag editor (manual and automatic editing);
  • built-in converter;
  • Winamp module support;
  • write, copy CD / DVD;
  • synchronization of the music library with mobile devices on iOS, Android, Windows;
  • Auto DJ function;
  • interface customization using skins and other options.


A free program that opens up any digital audio formats will help not only to play media files, but also to efficiently decompose everything. Songbird realized the ability to create its own multimedia library, where you can include not only items from your PC, but also the content of your playlists from social networks. Opportunities:

  • support for most audio and video formats;
  • radio stations, podcasts;
  • built-in browser, convenient search system;
  • streaming support;
  • integrated content manager to organize files;
  • advanced equalizer;
  • smart playlist system;
  • the ability to connect third-party plug-ins;
  • scrobbling; writing files to MP3 format;
  • launch from any media without the need for installation and much more.


Another media player with the ability to catalog allows you to comfortably work with a large music collection. The program has flexible settings and facilitates the organization and search for tracks not only on a PC, but also on portable media or on the network. Opportunities:

  • playback of popular formats;
  • podcast support;
  • play audiobooks;
  • 10-band EQ;
  • work with playlists;
  • tag editing;
  • downloading albums, texts and information about musicians from the network;
  • synchronization of files with USB and mobile devices;
  • a large set of embedded plug-ins;
  • sound filters;
  • audio converter, CD ripper and lots of other features.

All player collections offer different features, have distinctive features and can boast the support of the Russian language, which is important for the domestic user. Finally, it is better to decide which player for Windows should be installed on Windows 10, 8, 7 individually.