How to use Adwcleaner

Adwcleaner is a very useful utility that removes unnecessary or possibly malicious software. It can get on your absolutely random: when visiting a suspicious resource, when installing an infected program. Sometimes this is due to the inattention of the user. After such an invasion, annoying processes may occur on the computer: the constant launch of advertising, the presence of junk files, changes in basic settings and much more. All this, of course, slows down the computer and compromises its security.

Setting up the program Adwcleaner.

What is Adwcleaner

Let's talk a little bit about what this program is - Adwcleaner. This utility works already on the computer affected by the harmful software, destroying it. Users are attracted by its nice interface and small size, as well as the availability of a version in Russian. After downloading, this antivirus will conduct a thorough system scan, during which unwanted PC files will be detected. Cleaning of viruses and other software will occur only after your consent. Before this process, it is recommended to close all other applications and then restart the PC.

Where to download Adwcleaner

It is necessary to install the program only from the official site in order to avoid infecting the device. Adwcleaner can be downloaded for Windows 10, 7 and 8 absolutely free. On how to properly configure the downloaded software, we will talk further.

Adwcleaner: how to use

Once you have downloaded Adv., You can start scanning and cleaning the computer.

Device check

  1. After successfully downloading the utility, you need to run it. On the main screen, you can immediately start a system scan by clicking on Scan.

  2. After clicking the program starts to check the PC, namely all kinds of folders, files, browsers, etc.

  3. Further, the program will expect your further actions.

  4. Before cleaning, you should go through each of the panels (Files, DLL, etc.) and carefully check whether something necessary for you has fallen into them. However, this happens infrequently, and if you saw a file, it means that it is already amazed.

Computer cleaning

After this operation, you can safely click on the button Cleaning. You will see a notification telling you that all programs will be closed and unsaved data deleted. Do not press the “OK” button until you close all the tabs and save all your data. In the opened tab, read the additional information about the malicious software. Then you will see a notification saying that the computer is restarted. This operation cannot be undone. After restarting, you can see the results of cleaning. Spend it at least once a week, and then your work on the PC will become much more productive.

How to remove Adwcleaner utility from computer

If you want to remove Adwcleaner, then you should act in the same way as when removing any other applications. Namely: for starters, go to the Control Panel (via Start). Next, follow the link Programs and Features (or find it in the pop-up menu, as happens in some operating systems). In the list that opens, click once with the left mouse button on the component that you want to delete. Next, click on the Delete button, located just above the list.

Let's sum up. Advcliner is a useful, and most importantly, a work program that allows you to make your work at the computer more comfortable. After the first cleaning, you will immediately feel the result. However, you should not be limited to this software, because having a good antivirus will never hurt. If you have any questions about the article read, feel free to ask them in the comments.