How to troubleshoot error 2009 in iTunes

ITunes makes life easier for owners of iPhones and other devices running on the iOS platform. A wide range of service capabilities makes it a useful assistant in everyday solutions to any problems. This includes playing music and video formats with the ability to convert and edit, synchronize devices, create and update backup copies, purchase content, restore firmware and other important functions. Despite the many advantages of using iTunes, the work of the service is periodically overshadowed by the appearance of error messages that arise during any action. The list of failures Aytyuns long enough, with each of them assigned their own code to help identify the source of the problem. Especially inconvenient errors occur when restoring the iPhone 5s and other versions, because in the presence of a failure, the continuation of the procedure becomes impossible. In this case, in order to restore further interaction of the “apple” device with the computer, it is required to perform troubleshooting. One of the common mistakes that can be observed when updating or restoring the iPhone 5s or other "apples" is a failure with the code 2009. There are many possible causes of the problem, the essence of the solution lies in the elimination of the source of the malfunctions.

Options for eliminating error 2009 in iTunes.

Methods to troubleshoot error 2009 in iTunes

Like all errors associated with restoring or updating the iPhone, as well as other "apples", a failure under the 2009 code has several ways to solve the problem. Error Message 2009 in iTunes is often caused by a malfunction of the USB cable, connectors, or it can inform you of computer problems. In any case, it is necessary to start correcting the situation with simple steps, gradually moving to more serious actions if the problem persists.

Method 1. Replacing the USB cable

First you need to check the contact of the cord with the device and the connector. We recommend using the original cable that came with Apple. In addition, you should examine it for damage, since any slight deformation or oxidation may be responsible for the error 2009 in iTunes. If defects are found, it is imperative to replace the cable with a working and original one.

Method 2. Connecting to another USB port

Often the problem is a faulty connector. To resolve the issue or eliminate the possibility of an error for this reason, you need to connect the cable to another USB port, while avoiding port 3.0, which is standardly different in appearance from the others in blue. The connection must be made directly to the computer, without intermediary elements. It is also necessary to disconnect other connected devices besides the iPhone 5s or the one with which you are working. The exception is the mouse and keyboard.

Method 3: Reboot Devices

It is worth trying to restart the computer or laptop, as well as restarting the iOS device (forced shutdown). Strangely enough, often such simple actions solve the problem in a matter of minutes.

Method 4. Update iTunes

The computer should have the latest version of the application installed, so you need to update the program to the latest available options on the official website, then try again to start the iPhone recovery process.

Method 5: Reinstall iTunes

Sometimes it is effectively resolving the issue of error handling the removal and subsequent installation of Aytüns. To eliminate the program files, go to the "Control Panel" from the "Start" menu, where you can find the section with the installed software. Here you need to select iTunes and delete, and then download the installer of the latest version of the application from the official source and install the service again.

Method 6. DFU mode

Apple developers have prudently prepared escape paths in the event that it is impossible to upgrade or restore the firmware using standard methods. One such tool is the DFU emergency mode. To immerse the iPhone in this state the following is necessary:

  • turn off the "apple";
  • We connect the device to a PC or laptop using a USB cable;
  • launch iTunes;
  • hold down the “Power” button and hold for 3 seconds;
  • then, without releasing the power button, click "Home";
  • after 10 seconds, release “Power”;
  • at the same time, we keep the “Home” button further until the program detects the device in DFU mode.

After the manipulations made, only one recovery action will be available, but we have achieved this. You need to click the "Recover iPhone" button and follow the instructions on the screen.

Method 7. Using another computer

If the previous methods were powerless, you can try to do the work with the help of another computer with the existing installed program Aytüns, which can bear fruit if the iPhone is in good condition.

In a situation where none of the above methods did not work, it is possible that they provoke an error of 2009 hardware problems, then you should contact the service for help.