Resuscitation of Yandex. Browser: what to do if it does not open

Since the second half of 2019, in all assemblies of operating systems in Russia, a set of domestic application software is required. One of the candidates in the browser segment is a creation from Yandex. But he sometimes can not run at all or do it very slowly. Therefore, the portal Nastroyvse decided to write instructions for troubleshooting this browser. The article will be interesting to those who live and travel to the states where Russian services are not held in high esteem. After all, Yandex. Browser easily bypasses blocking without disappointing customers.

Troubleshooting in the work Yandex. Browser.

Why the browser does not work

Problems when opening the browser arise for a number of reasons. The first is the conflict of installed applications. If you speak human language, they can not divide the territory on the hard disk. Yandex.Browser, like a cuckoo, can swear at other web surfers, imposing itself on the program by default. Some antiviruses can perceive application files as potentially dangerous and quarantine it without the user's knowledge. This is especially true of antiviruses aimed at combating the use of private virtual networks and bypassing blocking of certain content.

Another reason - the lack of RAM on your computer or phone. This may apply to any browser, including Yandex. When the system reaches a certain percentage of the occupied memory, the operating system automatically terminates or prevents heavy multi-threaded applications from starting. The reasons for this phenomenon are two - the opening of numerous tabs or a weak computer power. The next factor is system errors. These include misses settings, system dissent and other nuances. It's time to deal with this in detail.

Simple methods

You should not immediately call the master and demand help with the solution of the problem. First try lightweight methods. Check your Internet connection - Yandex Browser cannot do without it. If this is all right, restart the application. To do this, use one of the two methods - directly by clicking on the cross or already familiar to us ALT + F4, disabling the program through the task manager.

To shut down the browser correctly, you need to go to the Details tab in the dispatcher menu. Then you can do in two ways. Someone methodically closes all background browser.exe processes. But the author of the article was convinced that it is faster to turn to the Processes tab. It opens immediately. The active process with the current tab is indicated by a drop-down arrow. If you select it and click the "Remove Task" button, all browser processes will be closed.

On Android and iOS, you need to go to the settings and force the browser to shut down. The location of the option depends on the phone model and features of the operating system. If this method did not help, a reboot of the device will come to the rescue. To perform it, press the button or select the reboot function in the drop-down menu. On the eve of the reboot, close all editors and save data from loss. Only this step will speed up the reboot of the device.

Solution for low or congested processors

If there is a high load on the processor - about 85% or more, and work in Yandex has not yet been completed, it is necessary to complete the remaining processes. You can see the degree of load in the Performance tab, where the current level of CPU utilization is displayed. And the degree of influence of each process on the memory of the device can be in the list of active works on the tab “Processes”. It is enough to sort them by the "Memory" tab or the CPU. The most difficult to close. For this there are traditionally two methods - simple and complex. Simple can be called "comrade cross." It consists in the sequential termination of applications by the same cross. Be prepared for the long shutdown of some of them. A difficult but quick method involves the completion of all programs through the Task Manager. It is necessary to remove the tasks that perform third-party programs. But it is important not to overdo it - in theory, the key system programs should remain, antivirus and Yandex Browser. At the next stage, the autoload is adjusted. The list of programs should be minimal. For a real business person, it consists of:

  • System firmware;
  • Antivirus;
  • Productivity tracking programs;
  • One communicator or mail collector.

But Yandex Browser is optional. You can add it or not. It all depends on the preferences of the user.


Sometimes the browser does not work because of the need to update the application. The best way is to enter the Yandex surfer menu. The cherished update button is located in the following path: Additionally - About the browser. When the update is completed, the button will change to restart. The second method is suitable for those who do not have access to the Yandex Browser menu. To do this, you need to download the installation file from the official site using the Internet backup mapper. Then, using the Uninstall a program tool in the control panel, delete the previous version of the program. It remains only to perform the installation from the installation file. The disadvantage of this method is the loss of previously saved panels and tabs favorites.

How not to bring to a computer or device crisis

  1. Do not install too many browsers on your computer. For traveling on the Internet, Yandex Browser and Google Chrome or Safari will be enough.
  2. Do not seek to set a world record for the number of plug-ins for surfing. Enough only a couple of the most important.
  3. Periodically clean the computer from junk and temporary files, cached data. For this you need a cleaner like CCleaner. The recommended interval is a week. This will greatly speed up your computer and browser, if you wander through hundreds of sites.
  4. The tab with the active video stream takes 2 times more resources and downloads of the Internet channel than the text one. The main rule - no more than one tab with multimedia content or ten text.
  5. Install a reliable licensed antivirus and weekly check your computer or smartphones for malware. Be sure to automatically update signatures for the current state.

If nothing helped

In this case, you will have to look for the cause in the operating system itself. Application conflicts, stray viruses or spyware can slow down or even stop the work of your favorite web surfer. So you have to reinstall a clean operating system or flashing a mobile gadget. But this is a topic for a separate article.