Installing Widgets on Smart TV

Widgets are modules-utilities for working in a specific environment (on a web resource or in a device) and for performing one specific function. In this article we will be interested in widgets for Smart TV and their installation.

What is the beauty of the widget

For what they need to be tied to the Smart TV, can be seen from the following.

The fact is that if your device accesses an Internet resource through a browser, then it should have on your board the ability to digest a large amount of operational data. Televisions do not have such features.

This is where widgets come to the rescue — graphic wrappers that reflect information that is being formed somewhere in the cloud on the screen.

It turns out that the widgets installed on Smart TV do not only significantly reduce the reflection time for the viewer, but make this reflection almost instant.


According to their purpose, Smart TV widgets are distributed to those that can be set to view:

  • IPTV;
  • information packages (news, currencies, maps, etc.);
  • special applications for 3D content;
  • learning related sites;
  • thematic clips of various directions;
  • with access to social networks, etc.

Where to get

The most significant players on the market (Samsung, LG, Philips, Sharp) have their own public web points where you can buy ready-made applications for any brand.

For LG, this is the LG Apps TV service. Philips has AppGallery.

A variety of software for Samsung presented in the online store for TV Samsung Apps.

In addition, since Samsung has opened its Smart TV platform for third-party developers, there are plenty of utilities available for their product in the Internet’s free space.

Widgets for Samsung Smart TV can be found, for example,

Install as standard

So the Smart TV window looks on Samsung TVs:

To install the application you need to go to the Smart TV menu (SmartHUB — we get into it by the red button on the remote). In the search window type the name of the widget. Then activate the search and just follow the autochip.

At the end of the process to exit the store site - the newly installed widgets are found in the tabs.

If you cannot install them this way - you can try (after checking the Internet connection) to install from a USB flash drive.

Install from a flash drive

Installing an application for Smart TV from a flash drive begins with preparatory operations.

First you need to format the USB flash drive in FAT32 format. This is convenient to do in a specific program (download //

After inserting the USB flash drive into the slot and indicating the required letter to the program, we activate the start of formatting with “Start”:

On the last formatted flash drive, you need to create a userwidget directory:

This folder will be intended for placing into it those widgets that you find for yourself on the Internet.

IMPORTANT. No unpacking of archives contained in the userwidget directory is required

Next, the drive is connected to the TV (sometimes it is recommended that it be turned off).

The TV autonomously detects a Smart TV application recorded on a flash drive and installs it.

At the beginning of this procedure, there will be a message that includes USB package will be started (the USB installation started), and at the end - package is done (the package is installed).

After this procedure, a new widget should appear in the Smart TV menu.

Install from IP Address

For Samsung E-series TVs, you need to activate the Smart HUB button (HUB is TV). Activate the red button on the remote.

In the Samsung account is substituted value develop. The value for the password is determined automatically and is not entered by the user.

Tap on the highlighted red button "Login":

Next on the Tools key, once in “Settings” and “Development”, you need to agree with the proposed and mark the line “IP Settings” (marked in red).

Enter the IP of the application itself - it is contained in the application overview or on the website:

If everything is entered correctly, the installation will begin.

Be sure to restart Smart TV - exit it and re-enter.

In other series of televisions will need to use similar sections of the menu.

For F-series Samsung, use the value “sso1029dev!” As a password.

Finally, we present the opportunity to familiarize yourself with a detailed video about installing Smart TV widgets for various Samsung models.

Now you are more aware of the widgets for Smart TV and how to install them. Install and enjoy watching.

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