The message “There is no command!” Was displayed on the Android smartphone: what to do in this case

Sometimes the phone on the Android system starts to hang, exit the running applications on its own, stops opening the camera or does not show the widgets, and you can get to the necessary software only from the top menu where alerts are usually displayed. In such cases, smartphones are recommended to reset to factory settings, but it is not always possible. To reset when the interface is not working (when there is no possibility to open the “Settings”), you need to press the on / off and volume keys, then go to Reset and select the necessary option. At this stage, the message “Teams not!” Appears and the picture is in the form of a lying Android-robot with an open lid and an exclamation mark. Sometimes this icon can be seen with the usual inclusion of the smartphone or reboot. What to do if this happened, read on.

Actions when the message "Commands no!"

Possible reasons

If Android writes in response to your attempts: “There is no command!”, There may be several reasons for this:

  1. During the upgrade, some problems arose, and this caused an error when turning on / rebooting.
  2. You have interrupted the process of flashing to “Android”, not allowing it to complete, or have chosen the wrong commands. This often happens if, before starting the procedure, the smartphone was not sufficiently charged, and the battery sat down at the crucial moment.
  3. The phone is physically damaged: it fell or was damaged by moisture, condensate, etc.
  4. OS suffered from a virus. This is also not uncommon, especially if you have a habit of downloading programs around the “Play Market”.

Solution to the problem

When the smartphone screen stubbornly demonstrates the message; “No team”, Android needs to be reanimated with the help of Hard Reset - this is the first thing to do. Ways to get to this option vary depending on the manufacturer. Here are the combinations for popular models:

  1. Lenovo - “Increase Volume” and “Turn On”.
  2. LG - “Volume Down” and “Enable”.
  3. HTC - “Decrease or increase the volume” and “Enable”.
  4. Alcatel - "Increase Volume" and "Enable."
  5. Samsung - Home, Volume Up and Turn On.
  6. Huawei - "Increase Volume" and "Enable".
  7. Meizu - “Enable” and “Volume Up”.
  8. Xiaomi - “Enable” and “Volume Up”.
  9. Fly - “Enable” and “Volume Up” or “Enable” and “Volume Down”.
  10. ASUS - “Turn On” and “Volume Up” or “Turn On” and “Volume Down”.

In other smartphones, everything is about the same - you can try similar variations, and if it didn't work out, find a combination for your model. A PC can be involved in this process - then things will go faster:

  1. Install on your computer the program ADB and drivers for your smartphone.
  2. Connect the phone to the PC via the USB cable.
  3. Open ADB and select Reboot Recovery.

Next, to get rid of the lying Android robot with an exclamation mark, select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option and agree to erase all data (be sure to do this, otherwise the error may remain). After that, you can turn on the smartphone. You will have to re-go through the registration process in your Google account, download all lost applications and restore everything possible from backup copies. The second solution is a flashing, which is best done through a PC. If you have already tried, and it ended up with the inscription on the smartphone screen: “There are no commands, ” then it is better to contact a specialist.

Also do not forget to check your smartphone for viruses. To do this, you can download a special utility after returning to the factory settings. It is better if it is paid and reliable. Run a full scan of all files and delete infected without regret. Remember that downloading software from Google Play is not dangerous, especially if antivirus is not installed.