What to do if the iPhone is not restored via iTunes

iTunes is a program that allows you to manage your Apple devices. As in any other application, it also fails. If your iPhone does not recover via Aytüns, then in this article you will find tips that will help in solving the problem. There are a lot of reasons for difficulties with restoration, and we will talk about each of them in detail.

What to do if iTunes does not restore the iPhone, iPod or iPad

Recommendation 1

Update the application. If iTunes does not restore the iPhone, then first of all you need to check for a new version of the program. If it is, then update to the most current version. After that, it is recommended to restart the PC.

Recommendation 2

Reboot the device. When this error occurs, you also need to restart both the computer and the device being restored (iPhone 4s, 5s, 6, etc.). To do this operation on your smartphone, hold down the power key and press the Home button for ten seconds. The phone will turn off, then turn it on as usual.

Recommendation 3

Replace USB cable. If you can not restore the iPhone, then perhaps this is due to the use of non-original cord. In this case, you must purchase the original. But if you are sure that the cable is real, check it for damage. If available, purchase a new original wire.

Recommendation 4

Use another USB port. If you failed to restore the smartphone and you checked your cable, try moving it to another port on your PC. When using assistive devices to connect, disconnect them and connect the device directly.

Tip 5

Reinstall the application. Sometimes users fail to restore the iPhone due to a system failure, which does not allow the program to work correctly. In this case, completely remove Aytyuns (read more about this in our other article), and then restart the PC. Next, go to the official developer site and install the desired version of the application.

Method 6

Edit the Hosts file. Usually, viruses make changes to this file. Therefore, test the system using antivirus. If viruses are detected, eliminate them. After that, it is recommended to restart the PC. Now restore the hosts file. About this you can read more on this site.

Hosts File Location

Method 7

Disable antivirus. Sometimes the antivirus raises a false alarm. Therefore, at the time of restoration of the smartphone, turn it off. If this resolves your problem, then in the antivirus settings exclude iTunes from the list of programs.

Method 8

Restore the device through DFU mode. Apply this mode should be just in case of problems. First, turn off the smartphone completely, and then connect it to the PC using the cable. Next open Aytyuns. To switch to DFU mode, first hold the power button for three seconds. Without releasing the first button, we hold down the Home button and hold both ten seconds at the same time. Then release the power button, but hold down the Home button until a window appears on the PC screen.

Next, click on Restore iPhone.

Method 9

Use another computer. Perhaps the problem is hiding in your computer. Try an operation on another PC.

Method 10

Check your device for viruses using antivirus. Perhaps it is because of the presence of viruses on the computer application does not work correctly.

We hope that our information helped solve the problem. If you have something wrong, ask questions in the comments.