Top Photo Editors for iPhone

Current trends dictate certain conditions that must be met by media content published on social networks. Photos and videos that have not been processed and published in one or another social network are now a rarity, having met which many are surprised. That is why almost every smartphone user constantly uses software that can make a “work of art” out of ordinary photography. The question of choosing this software is particularly relevant for the owners of Apple devices, since all the media content published should correspond to the status of the device itself. As part of this article, the top five photo editors for the iPhone are subject to review, since they have long been recognized by users from all over the world and have demonstrated the quality of their work.

TOP best photo editors for the iPhone.

Top 5

We should start with the fact that below will be given only the best of the best applications, which have not reduced the quality bar for a long time. This choice imposes certain restrictions on the selection of software, since most of the truly worthwhile products for iOS are not distributed on a free basis, which also applies to the topic under consideration.

Pixelmator - cost 399 rubles

Pixelmator is one of the most popular photo editors that many have dubbed as a “cheap replacement for Photoshop from Adobe.” This application has received such a high rating and such popularity due to the fact that it offers an optimal functional set, which is more than enough for non-professional photo editing. “Pixelmator” is perfectly optimized to work with the latest version of iOS, and using the resources of the operating system at the maximum level, allowing you to implement many scripts and editing tools, for example:

  • Dozens of built-in templates.
  • The abundance of effects and filters.
  • Text editor.
  • Handwritten drawing.
  • A huge number of brushes and strokes.
  • An abundance of tools to change color, shadows and fills.
  • Levels, curves, brightness and contrast and more.

As can be seen from the above list, in the Pixelmator there are all the basic tools that are implemented in Adobe Photoshop, which really makes it possible to call it the most optimal replacement for a more expensive counterpart. But despite its functional abundance, the interface of the application has the simplest possible form, with which users of various levels of professionalism can work successfully. Of course, Pixelmator deserves the highest marks and trust that users and owners of Apple devices have.

"Snapseed" - "cost free"

The roots of Google have long since successfully “sprouted” in all areas of software, including in the vastness of the iOS operating system. Despite the fact that Snapseed has an average score of only 3.3 in the AppStore, Google has liked the development of Google for many professionals and not only due to free distribution. For each iPhone owner, the following fairly substantial functional set is available:

  • Apply point correction.
  • Cropping.
  • Adjust exposure and color.
  • Perspective.
  • Adjust balance and curves.
  • Text editor.
  • Adding HDR effects.
  • The abundance of filters and effects.
  • Focus Editor.
  • Adjust the lighting.
  • Change location with editing three-dimensional models.

Particular attention should be paid to spot correction tools, the use of which allows you to remove unnecessary objects from a photo and achieve the desired result from editing. The clear interface and beautiful styling make working with Snapseed as comfortable as possible.

"FACETUNE2" - the cost of "shareware"

Is it possible to do any top (or rating selection) for programs for processing photos without software for narrowly focused selfie editing. The question is largely rhetorical. "FACETUNE2" offers a variety of tools with which even the most unsuccessful selfie will be transformed to not being recognized. Available for use:

  • Retouch.
  • Flexible setting "Faces" (eyes, nose, lips, mood).
  • Shape change.
  • Filters.
  • Paint (he is makeup).

Yes, with the help of “FACETUNE2” you can apply make-up, which will be extremely difficult to distinguish from the present. For all fans of the social network "Instagram" this application will become an indispensable assistant.

"Enlight Photofox" - the cost of "shareware"

Enlight Photofox is software that will help you literally “liven up” your photos with the following set of tools:

  • Adjust the exposure (including double exposure) and color reproduction.
  • Integrated masking system for maximum smoothness of transitions.
  • Gradients and Vignettes.
  • Base filters and effects.
  • Drawing and intellectual correction.
  • Text editor and more.

Of course, for the full functional set you need to spend a lot of money, but only a couple of minutes of free work with Enlight Photofox will show you that it is worth the money spent.

"VSCOcam" - the cost of "shareware" and "$ 19.99 per year"

“VSCO” is a rather amazing company, where for many years a multinational team has been working, members of which previously individually represented various major brands, for example, the same company “Apple”, “Sony”, “Adobe”, “Audi” "MTV" and many others. Kinda is the most powerful compiler of the best minds and talented developers. Despite the fact that VSCO does not have significant popularity in the broad user market, their activities have been repeatedly noted in various prestigious nominations. For example, in 2013, the VSCOcam application was awarded the title of the best photo editor for the iOS operating system, which speaks eloquently about the quality of this software. "VSCOcam" has an atypical interface, which is presented in the remaining candidates, in the form of tabs of 4 main sections (and two additional):

  • Camera (Shooting).
  • Library (Photo Library).
  • Store (Filter Store).
  • Discover (Latest news from VSCO, photo collections for inspiration, etc.).
  • Profile (your profile).
  • Settings.

There is a certain similarity with social networks, as there is a profile, libraries and some news feed. Returning to the main functionality, it is worth noting that this complexity of the application structure did not affect the quality of the editor’s work. By default, the program has about a dozen filters, for each of which you can adjust the intensity of application by selecting one of 12 levels. A feature of “VSCOcam” can be called the selection of filters, which the developers came up with on their own, without becoming available patterns.

Despite the fact that at first glance it may seem that there are very few tools, this feeling disappears after a few minutes of active use. The application saves the original photo in the cache, and also stores the entire history of changes, to which the user can always refer to roll back the changes for the desired period. This feature, 12-level gradation, as well as the presence of standard tools (brightness, contrast, levels, curves) allows you to call "VSCOcam" really the best photo editor for iPhone.


Someone may not agree with the above software options, since individual preferences can leave their mark, but to argue with the fact that each of them offers only a high-quality set of tools is simply meaningless. And practical application will only confirm it again.