How to fix the error when parsing the Android package

Currently, Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones. Due to the open source code, it covers a huge number of applications, as developers are free to create all kinds of software. This is a great advantage of the system, but even there the user may encounter errors and malfunctions. “Error while parsing the Android package” - this message can be found when using a device based on this OS. Most often, the error appears when the user tries to install any application on the phone. It means that the system cannot install the application due to incorrect parsing. For the average user, this error is not clear, and attempts to correct it by reducing the system requirements do not give results. Therefore, we will explain why an error occurs when parsing a package and how to fix it.

Methods for correcting errors when parsing the Android package.

Causes of the problem

Before looking for a solution to a problem, find out why there was a problem when parsing a package. Many factors can contribute to this, including rash actions by the user. But most often the cause is incorrect system settings, security programs and the mechanism for installing applications on a smartphone. The most common cause of error is the Android version, which is simply not supported on the device. In this case, the old version of the application could work properly. Most often this applies to versions up to 5.1.

TIP. In the Play Market, only those versions that are available to your device are displayed. But if the application has already been installed, and the error appeared during the upgrade, then perhaps the new version is not supported.

Another reason may be the device itself, since some software is created for certain models of smartphones and causes the indicated error on all other models. If you are installing the application not from the Play Market, check the settings for installation permission from unknown sources (section "Security"). Security software or antivirus software may prevent software from loading. In many cases, turning them off will solve the problem.

IMPORTANT. disable security software only if you are sure of the source.

While saving downloaded files to a memory card, you may also encounter an error. In this case, the file managers will help you, with the help of which you can transfer the program to the internal memory and try to start from there.

And finally, make sure that the downloaded apk-files are full and not damaged. Having understood the reasons, we proceed to the solution of the problem.


There are several ways to remove the error when parsing a package.

1. Checking the manifest file

This method is relevant for those who use special programs to modify manifest files. If any changes have been made to AndroidManifest.xml, then it makes sense to restore the file by default. Your task is to make sure that the apk-file has its original name. If not, rename it and see if the error persists. Note that sometimes the problem lies in the application code itself. Recognizing this problem is difficult, and even harder to get rid of it. Try to install the desired software from another device.

2. Allow installation from unknown sources

The Android security system by default prohibits installing software from unverified sources to avoid problems with software, allowing only the Play Market. But, if you are confident in the safety of the resource, this prohibition can be circumvented. To do this, as mentioned earlier, go to “Settings” - “Security” and unlock “Unknown sources”. Go back to the file and check if an error appears.

3. Disable antivirus

Often, anti-virus programs block the installation of suspicious, in their view, programs and applications. In this case, you can eliminate the error by temporarily disabling the antivirus.

4. Configure USB debugging

This feature of the smartphone has nothing to do with directly installing apk files, but many argue that this method can help. Do the following:

  • Open the "Settings";
  • Find the item “Build number” and click on it until the system tells you that you are a developer;
  • In the "Settings" section, a new item will appear - "Developer menu", go in there;
  • Activate USB debugging.

TIP. Some brands and models of smartphones may have a different way to enable the function.

5. Check the APK files

The error often pops up when there are problems with the installation file - it may be damaged or partially loaded. Compare the size of the downloaded file with the estimated. Regular reinstallation of the application will solve the problem.

6. Firmware and application mismatch

Not all programs can support outdated versions of Android. Developers always indicate the necessary firmware version in the system requirements. If your version does not match the stated - you can not do anything with it.

As a result, we see that the error is not terrible and is solved in some cases. If not, it will not affect the operation of the device. Of course, I want your favorite programs and games to be installed and work properly. If you find any other effective way to solve the problem - share it in the comments!